Digital citizens in Tauranga

It's time for people of all ages and walks of life to feel comfortable on the World Wide Web. And Toi Ohomai is able to help. A free 12-week computing course will be on offer around the Bay of Plenty in August, introducing beginners to the latest... Read More

Do funerals need to cost so much?

Who has $10,000 to spend on a funeral these days? Instead, you could leave hard-earned funds for your spouse, children, grandchildren or a chosen charity to utilise constructively in this competitive modern world. Choosing Simply Cremations to care for... Read More

Valuing free-range farming

One of the key business values of Mount Social Club is its commitment to using only free-range meat and eggs, but what does ‘free-range' really mean and what are the benefits? Free-range refers to animals who spend most of their day roaming... Read More

Choosing a home with substance

Before setting out to find a new home, make a list of what you want, and one of what you don't want. Use these lists in every house you visit and avoid getting caught up with the style of the home and not the substance. “I recently asked... Read More

My pain journey

I have struggled with chronic pain since I was 12 years old, half of my life has been plagued by it. I have been diagnosed with seven separate conditions, but the ones I struggle with the most are fibromyalgia, insomnia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.... Read More

Decimal currency celebrates 50 years

The 50th anniversary of decimal currency adoption in New Zealand was celebrated this month. Fifty years ago, NZ was a country where cash was the only way to pay and the conversion from pence to cents heralded a time of independence and change. Catchy... Read More

Finding their feet in the world of media

It's amazing what goes into making a 30-second video. Media studies students Libby Brooker, Jamie Emmerson, Trey Farmer and Daniel Cox at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology could tell you a few tales about that. The quartet have just completed... Read More

Invest in the best

If you're looking for a way to add space to your home, or to protect yourself, your car, or your family from the elements, Shades Direct can help. Strong and streamlined in looks, the modern profile of the Outsider Awning is an asset to any home... Read More

Get bouncing these school holidays

Dialled Indoor Tramp Park is the latest and greatest form of entertainment in Tauranga. The park has had a complete re-build and is now three times the size that it was before. Dialled Indoor Tramp Park provide the bounciest trampolines with a huge variety... Read More

Modern merino fashion all year round

I Love Merino is located in Mount Maunganui in the sunny Bay of Plenty, selling a wide range of merino products, including men's, women's, footwear, and possum merino. The company specialises in modern merino fashion and is the leading merino... Read More