Art & Creativity

Inside Rob’s shed

The roller door goes up on Rob Hicks' green shed and an unbelievable sight greets us. Among the model planes, boats, uniforms, cars, and tanks is Rob's model for a Tauranga Historical Precinct. “This is what I thought you might want... Read More

Creative communities

“I'm all right in the summer, but I'm a dead loss in the winter,” Dawn Barber remembers saying when asked what she was going to do on her retirement. It was the early 90s and Dawn and her husband Ron had just sold Lindisfarne,... Read More

Tauranga music maestro

Murray Mason sees new change coming to the music tapestry of Tauranga. As Tauranga's Big Band music director for nearly 13 years, Murray has found one of the demands of his job – keeping the band full with members – both challenging... Read More

Man of many talents

There's a calm serenity in the way Robbie Lavën speaks, it's like Pachelbel's Canon verbalised. He's a thinker. Before every answer there's a slight pause, a half-beat, before offering up an insight with metronomic... Read More

Walking the high wire of life

There's a loud collective gasp as Keely Tyler-Dowd does ‘the drop'. It looks dangerous, potentially is dangerous. It's guaranteed to set a couple of hundred little hearts pounding and leave an equal numbers of little faces wide-eyed... Read More

Paula’s passion

She's been the face of a museum in Katikati for four years. One of the most controversial council legacies of the Western Bay of Plenty. The hardest time of her life. But Paula Gaelic's purpose stands strong in front of her toughest critics.... Read More

Comfort and style

It's time to sort out your tired bathroom! Whether you are updating to suit the needs of a growing family, wanting something more accessible or are picturing the latest trends sitting in the most important room in your house, the team at Bay Bathroom... Read More

February in three-part harmony

Tony Hicks is the third part of a three-part harmony. “But only by mistake.” He's part of that distinctive amalgam of sound that is the signature of The Hollies – the 1960s pop rock Hall of Famers, who are heading to Tauranga... Read More

When weeding really counts

A special place of breath-taking beauty now stands where a quarry once scarred the hillside of Te Puna. And Jo Dawkins has been on the entire journey of its transformation from a dis-used rock quarry to the world class facility it is today. And mostly... Read More

Classic, contemporary style

Word of mouth is a wonderful thing. And after 26 years of building a reputation for selling exclusive remarkable design furniture, Contemporary Classics has definitely got people talking. So often a customer will return to the Mount Maunganui store and... Read More