Pauline Cowens

The question for outgoing Tauranga Girls' College Principal Pauline Cowens is not about retiring, it's about what's coming next. And why she hardly has any selfies in her phone. Outside of college she photographs everyone, everywhere.... Read More

Family gardening

It's more than just a garden centre, and it's been more than just a garden centre for 50 years. Décor Gardenworld in Bethlehem is celebrating ‘the big 5-0' and to say thank you, they'll be passing on the presents... Read More

Papamoa cruisers

Iain Bibby has a long rope as part of his bicycle kit. “If anyone breaks down I can tow them,” he says. He is meaning the possibility of any ‘Papamoa Cruiser' mobility scooter breaking down on one of their jaunts. Iain loads mobility... Read More

Peter Kageyama

It matters that people fall in love with their city, says community development consultant Peter Kageyama. “City centres are the psychic centres of places,” he says. “Downtown is everybody's neighbourhood, so when downtown feels... Read More

Mid-century millennial

Forty sneaks up on you ever so quietly, and wafts a gentle breeze across your back as it flutters past. Fifty races up to you a few minutes later, and smacks you in the face like a Kenworth truck. For Tauranga's Karolyn Timarkos, it turned her... Read More

A new range of wines - with a twist!

I had been looking forward to our lunch date with Dan Shea from Mills Reef for a while, having heard a lot of talk about the new ‘Bespoke' range of wines. I am pleased to say, it was totally worth the wait! As always, perfect location, perfect... Read More

Renovate the kitchen

You can get the kitchen of your dreams without the hassle and fuss of a complete replacement. If your kitchen is functional, why re-design it and go through the stress of weeks of work to completely overhaul it? Instead, give it a makeover! The team... Read More


I heard that Carolie de Koster was running her cooking classes from her new kitchen in Omokoroa so I went along and joined in with the cheesemaking class. It was the coldest day in July but possibly the warmest-hearted kitchen in the Bay. The previous... Read More

Kyle Ashley

As a previsualisation or previs artist, Omokoroa resident Kyle Ashley works in a part of the modern film industry that many people don't know exists. “Your favourite action scene may have started out as some ideas in the mind of a previs... Read More

Silks, satins and magic eyes

Silks, satins, merino, nightwear, swimwear and lingerie. And a dressing gown heaven. It's 50 years since Langtons Lingerie opened in Grey St. Delys Williams has owned Langtons, a specialist lingerie and swimwear store, for 10 years. Before that... Read More

Spreading your wings

In life you are either a passenger or a pilot. Which one will it be? If you're leaning towards having more control, then take the plunge and really learn to soar with Solo Wings Aviation Centre in Tauranga. There's a knot of nerves settling... Read More

A unique kiwi style

Greg Straight is an Auckland-based artist and illustrator who spent his childhood drawing, surfing and spending his summer holidays with his family in Papamoa. “My aunty and uncle used to live on Papamoa Beach Rd and I have so many great memories... Read More

Bespoke plans for each section

It's your home, you spend plenty of time in it, and you want it to work for you. If you're building from scratch, it's easy to get swept up in quick turn-around spec houses, but will that be the best home for you? Fowler Homes specialises... Read More

Health, wealth and waste

Kerri Wheeler, a graphic designer at Sun Media on The Strand, has four reasons for being delighted with her new-found ‘Pluto' diet.   Living in Katikati, Kerri works in Tauranga's CBD. During winter, this means leaving home and... Read More

Creature Tales

It's art that is travelling more than 1000 kilometers, crossing Cook Straight and making its way up here to be displayed at The Art Lounge NZ in Tauranga. It has been created by Christchurch artist Lynda Bell and will holiday in the sunny Bay while... Read More

Puran Singh

Delivering sweets on auspicious days such as when someone has a baby or is getting married is part of Indian culture. For those living in Tauranga though, it meant driving almost 200km to buy the sweets in Auckland and bring them back, hoping they'd... Read More

Fishermens Corner

I had been watching the sun rise from the sand below Harrison's Cut in Papamoa. It was cold, about eight degrees. On the way back to the car, half a dozen cars pulled in. The drivers, all men, emerged, congregating near the boat ramp, shuffling... Read More

The Little Yoga Festival

Chakra giant silk flags, craft zones with luscious coloured pencils from Europe and cartridge paper-like art from the 80s. Soulful local musicians and food trucks, enriching workshops and curious talks. Emily Mowbray-Marks is keen to bring us out of... Read More

Design fundamentals

Local architectural designer Jon McAlpine heads Thorne Group Architecture and was the recipient of five awards at the regional Architectural Designers New Zealand awards recently. The homes entered demonstrated a phenomenal diversity, showcasing what... Read More

Warm, green and serene

It's hard to feel at your best if there's a knot forming in your back, or your shoulders are tensing up. Yet becoming your best self is easily within reach when you can relax both your mind and body.  Allowing yourself to fully relax... Read More