Three most vexing questions: Answered here today

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Brian Rogers
Rogers Rabbits

The days are cooler and shorter and the usual seasonal arguments are flying.

Mankind and womankind are debating the most vexing questions, some that have divided the human race for generations.

• Who has the largest share of the duvet?
• Should eggs be kept in the fridge or in the pantry?
• Is Man Flu worse than ordinary flu?

The correct answers, respectively are: The dog, the fridge and yes.

Here’s why. The dog is sneaky and gets into bed first. The dog does not stay up after dinner to read SunLive or Newsie or watch David Attenborough. Although she does keep an eye on Duck Dynasty and has bad dreams after watching “My Cat from Hell.”

Therefore the dog, in bed early, will always score the bulk share of the duvet and the humans just have to fit themselves around what’s left. Unless, of course, you have a real dog that sleeps in a kennel or a crate, in which case the duvet can be divided two ways instead of three and you can go back to harassing your spouse over the remaining bedroom real estate.

The egg argument:

Yes, eggs should be kept in the fridge. They’re best stored below 15 degrees Celsius. Depending on where you live in the country and how warm your house is… most are too warm for safe storage of eggs and other food products.

The debate raged in Aussie recently, in the wake of the Debbie Cyclone, when the Queensland department of health advised eggs be thrown out if they’d been out of refrigeration for more than four hours. There was a clucking of public outcry, with many responding that they always kept their eggs in the cupboard and they were better for cooking at room temperature.

This led the health officials scrambling to declare that eggs should be kept at below 15 degrees Celsius and for most parts of the country, that meant the fridge.

Raw eggs remain one of the most frequent sources of salmonella outbreaks.

The official health department advice contains some surprising pointers to prevent with salmonella infection, a bacteria that elicits a severe form of gastroenteritis that can be deadly in children, the elderly and pregnant women.

“Never wash an egg, as this might actually help salmonella transfer inside. Always throw away eggs with cracked or dirty shells, both of which increase the risk of salmonella infection.”

There is one exception RR believes is allowable to the Eggs in Fridge rule in extreme cases; if eggs are preventing other vital food products from being in the fridge, such as healthy brown ales or fermented grape extracts, then the eggs may be temporarily relocated until the said hydration formulas have reached optimal temperature.

Man Flu:

It’s looking more likely that Man Flu is indeed more severe than ordinary, less dangerous, standard girl flu, otherwise known to men as “a light headcold.” According to a study by Stanford University School of Medicine, men may suffer more when struck down by the flu, because high levels of testosterone can weaken their immune response. Women generally had a stronger antibody response to the flu shot, giving them greater protection against the virus.

Here at RR Headquarters we therefore recommend that if any men look a bit pale, achy, thirsty or complain they haven’t been fishing for a while, that immediate steps are taken to remedy those ailments.

And speaking of fishing, our mate Harvey drew quite a response last week.

Harvey Wilson

Sun readers flooded our mailbox with entries for the “Find Harvey” game we played last week in the The Weekend Sun newspaper.

Harvey Wilson was pictured in the Fishing Gossip, with a couple of trout.

We fished out ten winners who have won Sun beanies, they’re on the way to you:

Lynley Purcell, Robert Parry, Glen Holloway, David Owen, Yvonne Harvey, Maureen Argyle, Terry Keillor, Kay Mitchell, Alastair Lock, and Steve Smyth were among the hundreds who correctly located Harvey on the fishing page and were the lucky ten drawn from the correct entries.

Thanks to all those readers who messaged. Many asked about Harvey’s rainbow trout. Harvey’s fish were caught somewhere on the Waikato, at one of his top secret locations. Too swift for his favourite flyrod, he caught them on a spin rig using a perch lure.

Remember fishos, send your catch photos to us, and every one published each week wins the FogDog fish batter prize packs. We hear there are plenty of fish being caught in the Bay, so send in your photos and keep on winning with the Sun.

Where is Harvey fishing this week? Have a troll through the pages of The Weekend Sun and spot Harvey. Email with your answers. Put “Here’s Harvey” in the subject line and tell us the four pages he’s featured on this week - excluding this page. Include your address for prizes. Easy as.

Our prize beanies are believed to ward off Man and Ordinary Flu, keep your eggs warm and are particularly useful if you’ve been deprived of duvet cover. At least your head will stay warm.