Some of the common causes of pain (part 2)

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John Arts
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People contact me for advice on a wide range of health issues, and the two most common causes of pain I deal with are joint pain from osteoarthritis and muscle problems, as side effects of commonly prescribed cholesterol-lowering (statin) medication.

Buried deep in the US Patent Office is patent number 4,933,165.

This patent is assigned to a well-known pharmaceutical company for a drug that combines their top-selling statin, cholesterol-lowering medication with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

The patent confirms that statins can cause muscle problems because they reduce the amount of CoQ10 being made. The new drug would combine statins with CoQ10 to reduce muscle side effects.

Unfortunately, this drug has never been made. My view is that if this was available, it would reduce side effects whilst retaining the benefits of reducing cholesterol.

There is no doubt that statins effectively reduce total cholesterol.

Reducing cholesterol is a widely accepted way to reduce the risk of blocked blood vessels.

Unfortunately, we do not pay enough attention to other risk factors such as systemic inflammation, which is the main driver of artery-blocking plaques.

Please call me if this is a concern to you.

The problem is that slowing the rate of the enzyme that makes cholesterol will always reduce circulating Co enzyme Q10.

Some studies suggest by as much as 50 per cent. This can have a disastrous effect on tissues, with high-energy demands especially on muscles and nerves.

This is why I recommend people on statins take a high-quality Co enzyme Q10. Be careful, as our market is flooded with apparently high strength CoQ10 that is actually semi-synthetic made from tobacco waste.

Look for real, naturally fermented CoQ10. Normally 100-200mg is all that is needed to restore muscle function. For more information give me a call or email: “

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