Transport is a hot topic

By: Simon Bridges

Simon Bridges
National Party Leader

I have had a number of meetings with concerned people about transport.

One group discussed the Belk Road and State Highway 29 intersection. They urgently want safety improvements for this piece of road and they are concerned the planned upgrade appears to have been cancelled. 

They believe the upgrade could have been completed with the money that has been spent on the investigation process. They also detailed the toing and froing between councils and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Following the meeting I wrote to the NZTA. They replied that they are developing a programme that will include a review of speed limits along SH29. The expected timeframe is 6-12 months. 

They also stated that Tauriko Business Estate has to make a connection onto SH29 in the Belk Road area, to enable the development to continue. This will provide an opportunity to enhance safety and is likely to be in two or three years. 

To me, this response really means they are going around in circles and wasting money on bureaucratic planning processes instead of making a decision and upgrading the intersection.

Improvements were planned under the National government, but last year under the Labour-led government they were re-evaluated and it was decided not to proceed.

The NZTA’s reply provides no certainty for the community. Local people need solutions now.

My view is simple - stop mucking about. How many accidents will it take before this government prioritises projects like this that stack up over Auckland trams?