Why does politics have to be so nasty?

By: Clayton Mitchell

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP

One of the questions I get around Tauranga is how do I cope with going from running businesses where everyone works well together, to politics, where there is lots of senseless, petty fights.

Sometimes politics appears to be like the end of a four year olds birthday party when the sugar high has hit. Politicians can be so precious, so temperamental and so horrible to each other.

That’s why I was so disappointed with National trying to score points off the government by releasing the budget early. This is not what a good person would have done. They would have immediately told Treasury and Grant Robertson there was a problem and told them to solve it. Instead National published it and made it sound like it was the end of the government.

Unfortunately this is a pattern of behaviour with National. Before the last election they released Winston Peters’ private details about an overpayment of super – which Winston had immediately paid back. The matter is now before the courts. National seem to think that this kind of shabby hit job is a good way of persuading the public they are trustworthy and honourable people.

Character is important in our politicians. We should be asking ourselves: “What would a good person do?” and applying that rule to our politicians, for MP’s public confidence to increase, we need to have integrity!

So why does National always have to play nasty?