Street names and corrected headlines

By: Steve Morris

Straight from city council
A personal view,
by Councillor Steve Morris

Tauranga City Council is not proposing to replace any street names.

Close observers of the news last week would have seen that both media outlets in Tauranga changed the online headlines of their stories regarding Council’s review of its street/reserve naming policy. This after it was highlighted that we were considering whether we should review the current policy; not that Council was going to start changing street names.

So, what is happening? Rather than having an ad hoc approach to requests for a name (or rename) of a reserve or street we need a consistent policy, consulted on with the community, to guide future decisions.

What’s not likely to be in the draft policy? Allowing applications to rename existing streets. During the debate some councillors expressed that history shouldn’t be erased by changing street names.

What’s likely to be in the draft policy? Having a length limit for names of new streets; that they be easy to pronounce and spell (makes sense for emergency services). Also, potentially allowing dual naming of existing streets and determining how much consultation is required on these issues.

It’s likely the draft policy will require that when Maori names are given to streets, that they reflect the history of Tauranga. Once councillors have made changes to the draft policy it will go out for community consultation in July/August prior to a decision being made.