The rise of the ‘Silent New Zealander’

By: Todd Muller

Todd Talks
with Todd Muller
National MP

Talking to people in The Bay I get a sense many have become increasingly frustrated. These are people who are focused on living their life as best as they can, working hard and doing the best they can do for their family, ensuring their kids have a good education and make it safely to school while not wasting hours sitting in traffic.

They also rightly expect the Government will deliver for them and provide decent and competent services – with roads built for purpose, and hospitals that deliver efficient services when their family get sick. As law abiding citizens they also expect a good justice system with an adequate framework so when people break the law they get locked away.

We have a Government that has now been in office for nearly two years and has failed to deliver on its promises. This failure is creating a wave of pent-up frustration giving rise to a phenomenon known as the “Silent New Zealander”.

They are called silent because they are too busy focusing and delivering for their family and kids to worry about always being heard. They may have an interest in political issues, but these are people who wouldn’t normally put their signature on a petition for a new school – or for a road to be fixed, or spout their political views on social media.

But due to a lack of action they are starting to get more active because they are sick of the lack of it. After nearly two years of inaction, over promising and under-delivering especially in the infrastructure and investment in our beautiful Bay of Plenty region there’s a groundswell of dissention now known as the voice of the ‘Silent New Zealander’, and they will vote.