Spotlight on: the Grant Haua Trio

By: Janne Guitargirl

Janne GuitarGirl
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Ever wondered what happened to soul music? The stuff that makes you dance like an uninhibited child? It's on the comeback, as three local lads and seasoned musicians, Grant Haua, Brian Franks and Jeff Nilson have joined forces in their recently formed Grant Haua Trio.

Grant, on guitar, lead vocals and blues harmonica, is well-known from previous bands Swamp Thing, She's Just Greedy, Moss and Knucklehead.

Brian Franks, long-time member of Brilleaux, has played in Tuner, Eclipse and Squish.

They are joined by Jeff Nilson, current drummer for Electric Universe, who has performed in bands Black Rose. Freeway, Bloody Mary and Thorn.

It happened that the drummer for Brilleaux had broken his leg, so Jeff filled in for their summer New Zealand tour. Brian and Jeff caught up with Grant at a gig they were all playing at and they hit it off and chatted about having a jam.

In April 2019, Grant had been working on a tune This is the Place about being grounded with family, home and the land. After successfully jamming, they decided to write a few more tunes. Two months later they have written several songs and learnt a show's worth of Grant's back catalogue originals.

The boys like to have fun, so Going Fishing is a humorous funky number. Blue Jeans is a cuddly, sexy song. They plan to write more songs and do recording and music videos.

Their debut gig will be at the Hop House on Wharf St, Tauranga on Saturday July 20 from 8pm.