Tauranga Transit: How are we doing?

By: Clayton Mitchell

Clayton Mitchell
New Zealand First MP

I believe the liveability of a city is closely related to its level of connectivity, which directly relates to the quality of public transport that it offers. Some parts of Tauranga’s transport system are excellent and quite reliable, but at the same time, there are ways in which it can be improved.

I have a friend who moved to Tauranga recently.

They started a job in the CBD and decided to use public transport to get to work. They decided this would be the best way to avoid traffic congestion and the cost of parking. Their first two trips went seamlessly, but on their third day of work, they experienced a major hiccup. After waiting at their stop for quite some time, they checked the transport app and discovered that their bus route was ‘inactive’. This change of status was without any prior warning.

In the end, my friend had to take their car to work, which defeated the purpose of having public transport in the first place. They ended up being late during their first days of work, which is never a good look. Since then, their experiences with the transport system has been a lot better. However, they have still experienced some issues when the timetable changes without notification.

How has your experience with Tauranga’s transit been? What has been good, and how can it be improved? How can it be made more effective and efficient? I would love to hear from you.

Part of my role as an MP is to work closely with the local government to discuss and resolve issues facing our city and region. Receiving feedback from locals is important in better understanding the problems that our region faces, and how we can resolve them.

Send me an email with your feedback to: clayton.mitchellmp@parliament.govt.nz