We’ll defeat the virus!

By: Steve Morris

Straight from city council
A personal view,
by Councillor Steve Morris

Being a small, isolated country at the bottom of the world, nearly 2000km from our nearest neighbour sure has its disadvantages but it doesn’t feel like it this week. At time of writing, international arrivals must spend 14 days in quarantine. Thankfully, we are yet to see a ‘home grown’ case of coronavirus.

In January, we were in our old home town of Dubai when news of the virus first broke. We stayed near the main import and sales centre for Chinese made goods; fear spread quicker than the virus and it wasn’t long before everyone at the local mall was wearing facemasks and we started carrying hand sanitiser. Before we returned home, we decided to self-isolate as the number of cases in the city grew.

Our government is taking a bold step, effectively ending international tourism for now, and sacrificing the economy for the sake of public health. The decision to spend billions propping up the economy and helping our most vulnerable is the right one.

It’ll be hard but we’re going to see the best of the Kiwi spirit over the next few months; we’ll go out of our way to support local businesses, even buying from them online if we must. To my fellow under 40’s, this is our time to shine, a friendly offer to an elder neighbour to pick up their shopping will be greatly appreciated. Our grandparents’ generation was asked to go to war and pick up a gun.

We’re being asked to stay home or pick up the shopping. We’ve got this!