Hello Sam, and goodbye Three Waters!

By: Todd McClay

Todd McClay
National MP for Rotorua

Congratulations to Sam Uffindell Tauranga’s new MP. Sam ran a fantastic campaign – he remained focused on issues important to local people and worked tirelessly from when he was selected by local party members right up until ‘E day’. Political predictions can be fraught, however I’m more than confident he will made a fantastic MP and work tirelessly for everyone in Tauranga. As MP for Rotorua and Te Puke, I look forward to working closely with him.

I’d like to make a special mention of Simon Bridges and recognise his long public service as an MP. Simon cares deeply about Tauranga and all of New Zealand. He delivered significantly as an MP and as a senior Cabinet Minister. Almost every road in and around Tauranga was announced and funded by Simon or National – many have now stalled under this government. I wish Simon and Natalie and their three children all the best for the years ahead.

Hands off our waters

You will hear a lot in the coming weeks from National MPs about Labour’s asset grab – 3 Waters. It’s a disastrous policy which means water infrastructure owned and paid for by local ratepayers will be confiscated with control centralised in places like Hamilton, Auckland and Wellington. National opposes 3 Waters, we will vote against 3 Waters and we will repeal 3 Waters in government. The Parliamentary committee is currently open for submissions. Send a clear message to the government – Hands Off Our Water Assets Labour!