Three top awards for Mangatawa Tari

Mangatawa Tari. Photo: Amanda Aitken.

Mangatawa Tari was recently nominated for the NZ Commercial Awards and was successful with three top national architecture and construction awards – the Gold Award, Value Award – NZ Commercial Under $2 million, and a National Commercial Special Award.

The NZ Commercial Awards reward the complete success of a project, incorporating architecture, construction and client satisfaction. Mangatawa Tari was praised at the awards as a landmark building representing the true essence of NZ design and construction.

“Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Inc, Form Building & Developments together with First Principles are very proud of our success representing the BOP at these national awards with such a special building,” says Graham Price from First Principles Architects and Interiors.

Graham’s brief was to design a landmark administration building working closely with Form to house the management and operational staff of the Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Inc. The build embodies the unique connection between the Hapu o Nga Potiki, Tauranga Moana Iwi, Ngati Ranginui, Ngaiterangi and Ngati Pukenga, the whenua (land) and te moana (sea).

The roof is shaped in the form of a whale tail, encompassing the traditional story of ‘Te Wai o te Tohora’ – The Legend of Mangatawa.  A baby whale and its parents became stranded in Tauranga harbour and were turned to stone after drinking from a magic spring, forming local hills. This legend drove a design in the shape of a whale tail, with a tall sweeping wall of glass facing the spectacular view across the Bay of Plenty.  Three carved pou represent the three whales from the Maori myth.

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