War of the Wheels rolling into Tauranga

Mount Militia Derby Crew’s ‘War of the Wheels 2017’ tournament is on at the Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre on June 10-11. Photo: Karlie ‘Skarlie's Angel’ Morrow.

Get ready for an action-packed weekend of strong, empowered women playing a full contact sport on roller skates when ‘War of the Wheels 2017’hits Tauranga next week.

Hosted by the Mount Militia Derby Crew, the two-day tournament will feature eight roller derby teams from across New Zealand bashing it out at Tauranga’s Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre on June 10-11.

Roller derby involves two, five-member teams skating around a track in the same direction, with points scored when players called ‘jammers’ laps members of the opposite team who are trying to block them.

MMDC’s Becky ‘Honey Punch’ Cox says the tournament is an opportunity for teams sitting outside the NZ Top Ten Championship a chance to get more game time and tournament experience.

“It’s our very first tournament, so we’re looking forward to sharing and learning from other teams, playing some awesome derby, building ties within the derby community and having lots of fun along the way.

“We’re also excited to play teams we don’t usually get to play, like Timaru and Christchurch, and we’ve got a line-up of fantastic crews that won’t disappoint.”

The line-up includes Mount Militia’s Atomic Bombs and B Company, Pirate City Rollers’ Broadside Brawlers from Auckland, Dead End Derby’s Living Dead Rollers from Christchurch, Sulphur City Steam Rollers from Rotorua, Taupo Roller Derby’s Huka Dolls, Timaru Derby Dames and the Space Invaders, a mixed team of skaters from Whakatane, New Plymouth and Christchurch.

Split into two pools of four, each team will play all the other crews within their pool, and the winner of each pool will be determined on the number of wins they rack up over the course of the weekend.

“It’s going to be a great weekend with spills and thrills. Roller derby is a full contact sport with a lot of big hits and action, so if you like a bit of rough and tumble mixed with finesse and skill then definitely come on down,” says Becky.

Mount Militia Derby CrewWar of the Wheels 2017’is on at the Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre on 11th Avenue on June 10-11. Weekend passes cost $25, day passes $15, and gold coin donation for children. Eftpos available. For more information, including game times, visit www.mountmilitia.com

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