Getting ready for race day

Olive Tree Education and Care pupils Jade Easton, 3, Adam Wright, 4, artist Daniel Wright from Shoreline Workshop, and Eden Smith, 4. Photo: Tracy Hardy.

Pupils at three local places of learning have been hard at work on some old-fashioned technology over the past few weeks.

The kids at Olive Tree Education and Care, St Thomas More Catholic School, and Arataki School are in the middle of constructing go-karts to race against each other – although they have been receiving some adult assistance.

Olive Tree administrator Lindie Du Toit says parents, and even some residents from Somervale Retirement Village, have been helping the kids out.

“We thought it would be a good thing to involve them and mentor the kids,” she says. “They can share some of their tips on what makes a good go-kart from when they were young.

“Once the karts are built, there will be three days where the schools will get together and race against each other.”

All of the schools are within walking distance of each other, as is the retirement village.

St Thomas More principal Kath Joblin says the idea is to strengthen community ties.

“The whole point is to bring neighbouring schools together and get to know each other. We’re just across the road from Olive Tree for instance.”

She says her pupils have been keen to do some more hands-on learning, so the go-karts have been a great opportunity for them.

After the three race days, some of the go-karts will be auctioned off, with money raised going to the Salvation Army.

Mount ITM in Owens Place has sponsored all the building materials for the go-karts, while Wheelco in Fraser St has provided the wheels.

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