Attack winter’s demons with citrus

‘Tis the season of sniffles and sneezes, coughs and wheezes. And tissues.

‘Tis also the season for citrusy, tangy flavours.

Mandarins, oranges and lemons are plentiful – they taste great and are a good source of vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system.

The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust which promotes consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables has some quick tips on using seasonal produce to best advantage.

For lunch, toss mandarin segments, salad greens, spring onion, capsicum and shredded chicken. Finish with a dressing. A salsa adds a sweet, tangy flavour burst so dice mandarin segments and mix with finely chopped red onion, a squeeze of lemon, olive oil and chopped coriander. Serve with grilled chicken or tacos.  

The zesty taste of lemons brightens heavy winter dishes.

For fresh winter slaw, mix sliced fennel and walnuts. Add dressing, squeeze over fresh lemon juice, red wine vinegar and olive oil. Also squeeze lemon over roasting root vegetables.

The kiwifruit is a nutrient-rich fruit thanks to high fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Dice or slice a kiwifruit and add to porridge or cereal. Or blend a kiwifruit into a vinaigrette or salad dressing.  

Tamarillos are good for vitamin C. For breakfast or dessert, chop tamarillos and mix them with stewed apples to add flavour and goodness to porridge. Winter casseroles and stews can be flavor-boosted with tamarillos.

And you can’t go past an orange – looks great, tastes even better. The juice, zest and fruit can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. Combine couscous with shredded chicken, mint, pistachios, and one chopped orange. For a sweet, zesty taste, add freshly squeezed orange to herbal tea.


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