My pain journey

Sam Hill and her horse Licorice with her Pro Personal and Pro Equine Cyclo-ssage systems.

I have struggled with chronic pain since I was 12 years old, half of my life has been plagued by it. I have been diagnosed with seven separate conditions, but the ones I struggle with the most are fibromyalgia, insomnia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I didn’t know how I would continue to live like this. At Horse of the Year 2017 I had seen some ads for Cyclo-ssage and I knew some other para-riders that used it. I was in agony from the long drive down and sleeping on the floor of my float. I walked into the Cylco-ssage tent expecting to have a session and forget about it, like everything else I’d tried. I met Rory and he told me all about it and got me set up for a session.

While on the system I started to feel my muscles relax and felt like I could fall asleep. I then took a quick walk to see how I felt. I walked out of the tent very gingerly because I didn’t think it’d work or it would have made my pain worse. I was not expecting what happened, I was almost pain free… for the first time in more than 13 years I felt normal. I was completely amazed and the relief I felt was unimaginable to someone who hasn’t dealt with chronic pain before.

My quality of life before the Cyclo-ssage was a struggle to say the least. On my days with a ‘fibro flare’ my quality of life was nothing. Those days really tested my will to live. I walked away from that tent and I bawled my eyes out – my pain was almost gone and I’ve not had that since I was 12. I’m not the kind of person to try something once and be convinced, but I was. I had a session every day at Horse of the Year and it really showed in my riding; I rode much better than I’ve been able to since my spinal fusion surgery.

Since bringing my Pro Personal system home I have continued to improve. My pain levels are much more manageable and after three years of taking sleeping pills I no longer need them. My ‘fibro flares’ are no longer unbearable but easily managed, my sleep is better, my mood is improved and facing a life of this is no longer so difficult.