Oceanside under new management

Dr Phillip Bailey.

Oceanside Family Chiropractic has been faithfully serving the Papamoa and wider Tauranga community for the past 12 years. Dr Phillip Bailey recently took over the practice and has rebranded it to Oceanside Chiropractic.

“After working in Singapore for six years and New Zealand for a further three years I have gained the experience and knowledge to deal confidently with severe pain and rehabilitation cases.

“My desire is to hold on to the values of caring for families originally established in the clinic, but at the same time expand upon our ability to take care of those requiring help with significant pain and physical disability.”

Aside from providing corrective adjustments to the spine, Oceanside will be implementing ice and heat therapy and deep tissue vibration massage for people who have injured themselves, and those who have been suffering from long-term degenerative conditions.

These therapies improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation in injured tissue, break down scar tissue and relax musculature, which reduces pain and aids in a faster recovery time.

For pain and rehabilitation cases Oceanside will be working alongside physiotherapists to enhance the outcomes of patients. Digital x-ray is available to accurately assess a patient’s condition, guide chiropractic and physiotherapy interventions and provide the ability to refer to other specialists when necessary.

“We want to understand and achieve the goal of every client, whether it is just relief from pain or lifetime family wellness care,” says Phillip.

For further information visit www.oceansidechiropractic.co.nz