Indulge without guilt

Double chocolate raspberry cake

Nurtured for Wellness aims to encourage better nutrition through raw food cuisine and workshops. This cuisine does not use refined sugar, dairy, flour, eggs or meat of any form. It therefore caters for people with a variety of allergies and those looking for healthier options. It uses only plant-based ingredients.

There are a number of health benefits to be gained from this type of cuisine. Cooking and processing foods can deplete some of their vital nutrients and enzymes, making them difficult for the body to digest. When food is cooked above 44oC, the chemical structure of the food changes and all the beneficial enzymes and life force are destroyed.

Nurtured for Wellness also offers workshops, which normally have a theme, e.g. Mediterranean, Asian, Christmas. The next workshop is a sweet and savoury workshop on Sunday, August 27. Cakes and slices can also be ordered online or by email/phone.

Nurtured for Wellness can be found at the Tauranga Farmers Market as well as online at

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