Appreciating unique beauty

Rejuvenation Cosmetic Medicine’s Sharon Melrose

With so many clinics offering cosmetic medicine treatments including facial muscle relaxants and dermal fillers, it’s difficult to choose which one to go to.

“Cosmetic medicine practitioners who are experienced and have stood the test of time, are a good start,” says Rejuvenation Cosmetic Medicine’s Sharon Melrose.

“Every face is unique and there is no simple ‘one treatment fits all’. A great treatment result depends on good equipment, safe products, and an experienced injector. One who appreciates each person’s unique appearance and can enhance this in a natural looking and complementary way.”

Sharon has worked in the field of cosmetic medicine for over 20 years and is constantly keeping up to date with the latest products, and refining her treatments to provide her clients with fabulous results.

“Rather than being a ‘Jack of all trades’, I specialise in facial muscle relaxants and dermal fillers.”

This small, friendly, boutique business tailors treatments to each person’s requirements in a comfortable, friendly, and professional atmosphere.

Sharon’s approach to treatment errs on the side of caution. She believes that a measured, planned approach is much better that jumping in ‘boots ’n all’ and her clients appreciate this and trust her judgement.

Phone Sharon Melrose at Rejuvenation Cosmetic Medicine for a complimentary consultation on 021 502 525.

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