Maximise your customers and cash flow

Do you have empty seats to fill? Want to boost cash flow in your restaurant or bar? 

In a competitive market where new venues are opening weekly, staying at the top isn’t always easy, but with Bartercard you can fill your ideal capacity and improve cash flow. 

Just as they did centuries ago when the baker traded with the flour mill, Bartercard has created a modern way of exchanging products and services instead of spending cash. Rather than a direct swap, members use a digital currency called trade dollars. 

Today, Bartercard members are spending trade dollars on everything from lunch to a multi-million-dollar development, accommodation, retail and business services, allowing them to conserve cash in their restaurant or bar. In fact, New Zealand businesses save themselves $150 million though Bartercard’s cashless marketplace each year.

Bartercard attracts new customers without the need for discounting or third-party booking sites. Few restaurants and bars are at 100 per cent capacity, so Bartercard members can fill that downtime. 

Many restaurant owners use their trade dollars to purchase wine, which they sell for cash in their restaurant, effectively turning downtime into cash sales. They also use trade dollars to offset cash expenses such as kitchen equipment, furnishings and renovations. 

Bartercard is a business network with hundreds of hospitality members nationwide and regular regional events to stay front and centre of the industry.

For more information on how Bartercard can help your business, visit: or call: 07 571 0972.