Not numbers, but people

If you’re looking for business accounting and advisory services, ATAXZ in Greerton is the place to go.

ATAXZ has been in Greerton for nearly 20 years now, says ATAXZ’s Alex Zilionis. Alex has been there since the start and Reena Lal for the past ten years.

“What drives us now is the same as it always has been,” says Alex, “helping business owners achieve.
“Small business owners are awesome and technically great at what they do.

“Where many fall short is the paperwork. Staying up to date with tax laws, business advisory services, and software changes are where we excel,” says Alex.

“It's not the numbers that drives us, it’s the people. They motivate us. They are the heroes of our economy.

“While we are based in Greerton – it's a great place and easy to get to – we have clients in the UK, Australia, Japan, and all over New Zealand.”

“We are here to help you achieve amazing results.”

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