Health, coffee and motorcycles


The Shuzi store in Tauranga is a sight to behold – with a little bit of everything for everyone.

Shuzi is wearable health technology that is known to help with aches, pains and blood flow using the Nano Vibration Technology.

Their Tauranga showroom is a playground for anyone interested in Shuzi health jewellery, sports bands and pet products, motorsport history or a good cup of coffee.

“We put together the Goody Coffee Shop with the Shuzi store for our neighbouring businesses really. It is a perfect hangout over coffee for a yarn because the space is almost always exclusive to you,” says Shuzi’s Jaz Chahal.

“We have the generation one Britten motorcycle, Aero D Zero on display – it’s one of a kind so motorcycle enthusiasts really enjoy that, it’s rich New Zealand history.”

Business owner Gary Goodfellow brought Shuzi to New Zealand after suffering injuries related to his motorcycling career. Gary was the first Kiwi to win a World Super Bike race for Suzuki and his racing career included winning more than 11 championships held in Canada and representing North America in the Trans-Atlantic Championships held in England. Gary was also a test pilot for the John Britten development team in North America and New Zealand for three years.

As you can imagine in this type of career accidents do happen. Gary found himself struggling to walk due to numerous injuries but after trying a Shuzi bracelet in Canada, he noticed a profound difference and wanted to share this with his home country, New Zealand.

So pop in to Shuzi for a coffee, a browse and a look at the motorbike memorabilia.

Shuzi is located at 10 Selwyn Street and for more information visit:

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