A build that stands out from the rest

The Harris family inside their new Signature home.

If you’re wanting the full build experience where you’re involved in every step, Signature Homes can help.

Take Chris and Ange Harris’ new eco-home build in May 2019. Ange says Signature was fantastic at keeping the family involved throughout the build process.

“They kept telling us that we are part of the team; we really enjoyed working with them.

“This is our fourth home we’ve built and by far this one has had the best process. Signature Homes has really good processes in place and really good people on board.”

The Harris’ four bedroom, office and two living spaces eco-home is completely off-grid – and Ange says Signature Homes was great to work with to make their quirky dream a reality.

“The thing with Signature was they were really up front about what they can and can’t do – they were really open and honest about that,” she says.

“They put in time to understand our set up and figure out the best possible way for everything in the house to work together.”

Ange says that despite the complexity of the build, Signature Homes held up their end of the bargain and had the home finished by their guaranteed completion date – one of the many guarantees that are standard when you build with Signature Homes.

“Signature Homes have really high levels of integrity – they don’t try and compromise, they don’t cut corners,” she says.

“They would go the extra mile to make sure they were delivering what you were asking for and they generally deliver more than you’re hoping for. They exceed expectation.”

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