Look good and feel great

Sometimes some of the less desirable effects of facial ageing prevent us from looking as good as we feel. In fact, sometimes they can give the casual observer a completely wrong impression of us. A furrowed brow and downturned mouth can look make us...... Read More

Exposure to smoke in cars high

New evidence shows one in five children continue to be exposed to smoking in cars. The research, led by the University of Otago, Wellington, and published in the New Zealand Medical Journal recently, analysed trends in children’s second hand smoke...... Read More

Raising awareness about hearing loss

Raising awareness about noise-induced hearing loss in the workplace is the aim of the ‘Silent Leadership Challenge’ on August 4. The National Foundation for the Deaf is calling for registrations for its annual online fundraising event. Noise-induced...... Read More

Not just another iPad

It’s a small, simple but effective tool in improving the management of type 1 diabetes and improving the understanding and lives of young people living with the chronic condition. The tool is an iPad. And one has just been donated to the children’s...... Read More

Hospital not the best place for elderly

Tauranga Hospital clinicians are advising elderly people to stay away from the hospital if at all possible this winter – not because they don’t want them to get well, but because they want them to stay well. “The medical world has realised...... Read More

Organ donation rates increase

Efforts to increase New Zealand’s deceased organ donations and transplant rates have resulted in a record number being carried out in 2016, says Health Minister Jonathan Coleman. Organ Donation New Zealand figures show a total of 61 deceased organ...... Read More

Take care of your child’s cough this win

Winter has arrived and along with it the sound of coughs. Coughing is common in children, especially when they are pre-school age, and is usually short-lived. However some coughs can be a sign of an infection. One cough to be aware of is a ‘wet...... Read More

Attack winter’s demons with citrus

‘Tis the season of sniffles and sneezes, coughs and wheezes. And tissues. ‘Tis also the season for citrusy, tangy flavours. Mandarins, oranges and lemons are plentiful – they taste great and are a good source of vitamins and minerals...... Read More

Gym membership up in winter

A number of Kiwis struggle to keep active and healthy when winter temperatures plummet, but a leading New Zealand exercise expert says gym membership numbers actually go up in winter. Richard Beddie, chief executive of Exercise NZ, says winter is no...... Read More

ED for emergencies only

The Emergency Department at Tauranga Hospital is for just that – emergencies. That’s the message Tauranga Hospital wants to reinforce going into winter as more people start turning up at the Emergency Department with non-emergency medical...... Read More