Putting worms to good use

Worm farming is a great idea for getting rid of kitchen scraps, plus creates a natural and low cost fertiliser.

Making your own worm bin isn’t too hard, and you can make your own worm farm cheaply and easily out of wood or plastic storage containers.

Your container should be a dark colour, have a tight fitting lid and be 20-35cm deep to give the worms room to do their job.

Drill three 13mm air holes on the upper half of each wide side of the bin, approximately 12cm apart, then drill six 6mm holes evenly around the bottom of the bin for drainage.

Stack your worm bin on top of another container, which will act as your collection tray.

Or if you’re not a DIY fan, purchase a ready-made worm farm and follow directions to set up. They generally include trays, collector trays and a tap.

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