Search widens to find NZ’s top builds

House of the Year judges were in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui this week judging top quality built houses entered in this Registered Master Builders 2017 House of the Year competition.

More than 370 homes will be assessed as the judges travel around New Zealand, with regional award-winners announced at 10 regional events during July and August.

“Demand for building in this country is calling for new ways of operating and new types of building,” says Registered Master Builders Association chief executive David Kelly. “As the prominent house building competition, we want to ensure we reflect this new landscape.”

House of the Year showcases what is possible by introducing new trends, materials and approaches. The focus on sustainable building over the past few years is an example of this and there is now a period ahead which will see a major rise in multi-unit homes and apartments.

David says Registered Master Builders Association and the House of the Year competition play a leading role in ensuring a better built New Zealand.

“House of the Year has been celebrating quality and innovation in New Zealand construction for more than 25 years. These changes recognise that the market continues to evolve and grow but the focus of our builders remains on quality across all types of homes and price brackets,” he says.

Judging concludes in June before the first regional events in Waikato and Mid and South Canterbury on July 14.

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