Health, coffee and motorcycles

    The Shuzi store in Tauranga is a sight to behold – with a little bit of everything for everyone. Shuzi is wearable health technology that is known to help with aches, pains and blood flow using the Nano Vibration Technology. Their...... Read More

Something crafty for everyone

  The Waihi Beach Art & Craft Fair is celebrating.   This year’s fair is a celebration of bringing to the community what has become an iconic event, showcasing over the past 15 years the most amazing talent in the variety of stall...... Read More

Tell, show, do style of learning

Wire and Fitness’ Peter Stuart. Wire and Fitness Limited-Electrical Training Providers was established in 2014 by Peter Stuart after a 30-year career as a New Zealand Registered Electrician, specialising in the electricity distribution supply...... Read More

Bring new life with some new colour

  If it’s time to brighten up your kitchen, now’s the perfect time to call Peter Williamson of Williamson Spray Painting.   Peter can bring new life to your kitchen cupboards or that dark wood cabinet that just doesn’t...... Read More

Not numbers, but people

If you’re looking for business accounting and advisory services, ATAXZ in Greerton is the place to go. ATAXZ has been in Greerton for nearly 20 years now, says ATAXZ’s Alex Zilionis. Alex has been there since the start and Reena Lal for...... Read More

Make your space more comfortable

Phil Vaudrey of Film Tint NZ after installing a privacy solar film on the top section of a front door, which reflects the light but still allows light and views from the inside out. Reduce heat, increase insulation, provide privacy and stop harmful ultra...... Read More

Good quality, good price and gorgeous

Trees and More is Tauranga’s only grower-based nursery offering the range it has, says Trees and More’s Myles Barker. As well as being a retail nursery, quality stock set up in mature gardens means that a visit is interesting and inspirational....... Read More

A taste of France in the Bay

  La Brioche is an authentic French bakery and patisserie in the centre of Tauranga.   They have been supplying authentically French delights since November last year. Their baker is French, so he knows the French secrets. He makes all...... Read More

Time for an Oven Angel

Cleaning the oven is a job that few enjoy and most put off. It’s too dirty, too difficult, too time consuming and definitely not a job many enjoy. So why not call in an Oven Angel? Neil Adams is your local Oven Angel, and will clean your oven,...... Read More

The best for your home

When it comes to building and renovating, one of the many decisions homeowners face is choosing which curtains and blinds best match the look they’re going for. Toni Ainsworth, of BOP Curtains and Blinds, helps homeowners become inspired by their...... Read More