Jo Seagar

World famous in New Zealand, home cooking expert Jo Seagar is making her way to the Bay for live cooking demonstrations at the Tauranga Home show.

She will be demonstrating some of her speedy favourites.

“I’m going to demonstrate some of my quickest, favourite recipes. I’ll be fitting quite a lot in to each time slot.”

And she has plenty of experience in the kitchen.

“I’ve been cooking since I was a child growing up on a farm in Hawke’s Bay,” says Jo.

“I was the eldest daughter and my Mum’s right-hand girl.

“She worked full-time so I often cooked the dinner and certainly helped with filling the biscuit tins and family baking.”

Although she spent a lot of time cooking and baking, making a living from it never really occurred to her.

“I never for the life of me thought this would be my career… when I left school I trained as a registered nurse!”

As a Kiwi, Jo says she’s got a recipe or two up her sleeve as her favourite, home-grown go-to’s.

“I can run up a pretty good chicken pie and I love oven roasted salmon with a rustic topping like a crumble of nuts; it’s particularly good with macadamias.

Jo says her cupboard is stocked with plenty of good cookbooks, but she may have a special spot for one or two cooks in particular.

“I have everybody’s cookbooks! I have a huge library and good cooks always like to learn more.

“As far as my favourite cook … there are so many but I’m very fond of Nigel Slater, the English food writer, and Julia Child will always be my hero.”

With as much experience with reading and creating recipes as she has, Jo says she’s developed a unique “sixth sense”.

“I have trained myself to be able to almost taste a recipe when I read it,” she says.

“Coming up with new things is easy for me; I’m always onto the next thing and with all the travel I do taking my foodie tours, there’s a constant source of inspiration.”

And her best piece of advice for aspiring cook, chefs and bakers?

“Have a go! Follow the recipe exactly to start with before you start innovating and start with simple things first.”

Make sure you catch Jo Seagar in person at the Tauranga Home Show on May 3-5.

Jo will be in the BespOak Live Cooking Theatre kitchen at 11am and 3pm on Friday, May 3, Saturday, May 4, and Sunday, May 5. Seating is limited, so first in first served.

Jo will be available for cookbook signing and sales after each demonstration.

For more information on Jo Seagar’s live demonstrations at the Tauranga Home Show, visit:

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