Combining style and sustainability


Thorne Group has built a light, breezy home that not only stands as a beautiful home, but is also eco-friendly and healthier to live in.

The Thorne Group’s new show home at The Lakes seamlessly combines design and eco-consciousness.

The home, positioned on a 528 square metre site, has been purpose-built to gain accreditation as a six-star Homestar rated home.

The Homestar rating system is a comprehensive, independent, national rating tool that measures the health, warmth and efficiency of New Zealand Homes. It’s not just ticking boxes – a Homestar rating looks at everything from window placement to the materials used to construct the home, and everything must comply to receive a rating.

Principal architectural designer for the Thorne Group and qualified Homestar accredited practitioner and assessor Jon McAlpine designed the new show home.

The home features a large separate lounge with high raking ceilings and a built-in window seat and cabinetry. This lounge is seamlessly extended using over lit glazing to the versatile extension of the home, which is the ideal spot to enjoy a barbecue or entertain.

The open plan kitchen and dining area extends the space further by opening to another outdoor area that is perfect for enjoying the outdoors or entertaining. Tucked away behind the functional kitchen – which features a bold callacatta marble backsplash and natural stone – is a large walk-in pantry on one side and a cosy study nook on the other.

This space can be closed off by a large steel-frame glass door with reeded glass, which also helps with heat retention in winter. The raw feeling of this door is in stark but complementary comparison to the soft, warm feel of the interior cedar linings that connect the interior and exterior. The ‘open-plan’ feel is nurtured by the large opening and increases flexibility by closing the space off when required. The steel and reeded glass door was custom-made by Boshier Engineering to define the space.

A cedar spine wall creates the interior connection between the living and dining areas and extends to the exterior, which features a cedar slat eyebrow roof extending over the deck to create shade and filtered natural light.

Natural and sustainable flooring choices of textural wood and a carpet made from recycled fishnets really show that it’s possible to build a stylish home that also boasts a six-star Homestar rating.

The interiors of the home employ a mixture of natural materials that work together to create an organic, earthy feel.

“We wanted to do something that was bold and pushed the boundaries a little bit, whilst still being warm and welcoming,” says Thorne Group’s Lisa Buck. “We took design influence from Parisian and European design.

“Annique from Gezellig Interiors and I worked closely together to define the overall look and feel we wanted to achieve, then added the interior styling to finish the home.”

This resulted in a homey yet sophisticated feel for the house, combining a neutral, soft exterior with a bold, slightly more serious interior.  This home is a perfect example of what can be achieved when design and environmental consciousness combine and are carefully constructed by a talented and knowledgeable design and build team.

And much like the family name suggests, the Thorne Group team understands the importance of being a friendly, personal and approachable business.

“Every home we design and build carries our family name,” says Thorne Group director Peter Buck. “That family brand is the best guarantee on the market. We are fastidious about quality.

“We always encourage people to chat with previous clients – word of mouth has built our business and we are extremely proud of this.”

“Throughout the design process, our architectural team consistently plans construction details with project managers, builders and suppliers. This ensures the best practise in detailing and the most efficient allocation of materials,” says Thorne Group director Aaron Thorne.

“Designing and building someone’s home is the single biggest financial commitment they will ever make, and it can be perceived as stressful.

“We take the stress out of the process; our focus is ensuring the client enjoys the journey.

“In addition, as the architectural designers and builders are all working within the same company, there is just one single source of accountability,” says Aaron.

“We have one project manager and one lead builder working on each home.

“Ultimately we are value creators for our clients – building beautiful, liveable spaces both big and small.”

Visit the show home for yourself to really grasp this connection between design and eco-consciousness. The show home is located at 59 Te Ranga Memorial Drive, The Lakes.

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