Wagon to the past

The drive to Paengaroa took all of 10 minutes. It can take me longer to get to Greerton Village or Bethlehem Town Centre. I was actually planning to go to Maketu with our photographer Bruce Barnard, but decided to call in to the antique shop at Paengaroa...... Read More

Tarantulas, guns and bobcats

“I’m off to Russia, going mountain climbing,” said Jo Morgan when I caught up with her last year. I mulled on this afterwards. She seemed to be away for a good chunk of the time Gareth was campaigning for the General Election. Coincidence?...... Read More

Peace Garden at the Mount

I found a peace garden at the Mount.  I noticed a sign over a gateway leading to it one day when walking past St Peter’s Anglican Church in Victoria Street,  so I went exploring. Jenny Carmichael, who was helping with the gardening near...... Read More

Chugging towards a million

One Sunday afternoon after Christmas  I decided to revisit my ten-year-old self  and went for a train ride at Palmerville Station. Located at Memorial Park,  Tauranga’s Miniature Railway has been in operation for 38 years.I arrived...... Read More

Tour de Paengaroa

Ruve Baker and Alyson Tomalin were getting ready for one of their Wednesday adventures. They’ve often driven down the Tauranga Eastern Link, and were now planning to ride the cycleway running alongside it.“We can see it from the expressway,”...... Read More

Jacaranda capital of NZ

Tauranga’s jacarandas are simply stunning, with a canopy of Persian blue flowers on the trees and carpeting the ground beneath.Giving Tauranga a ‘Jacaranda January’, this season they started flowering before Christmas.Tauranga city...... Read More

Hairini bridge residents

Rattling across the  Hairini Bridge, a common sight for drivers is the camera-bedecked folk peering over the western side of the bridge at the wooden trestles below. They’re checking out the progress of the young chicks that hatch there each...... Read More

A rare manuscript surfaces

I went to hear a light ‘parlour’ version of Handel’s Messiah performed in a church in Katikati. There was something very unique about this edition, but first I chatted with Marjorie Partington, a member of St Paul’s Presbyterian...... Read More

Ear rubs for accommodation

It sounded too good to be true. Ten nights’ free accommodation in San Francisco’s trendy and bohemian-chic ocean-side suburb of Outer Sunset.My own large, one-bedroomed self-contained apartment underneath the owners’ house. In return?...... Read More

Stay on track with trails app

When Junji Kumano and Takayuki Ban visited Tauranga on their recent travel research trip, they tried out the newly-launched Arataki Cultural Walking Trail app developed by local entrepreneurs. Takayuki, a freelance journalist for Japanese travel and...... Read More