3 homes in 10 years

You know you’re on to something good when you’re sad the process is over.

Sarah and Robin Matthews have built three homes with Thorne Group and Sarah says she realised throughout the second home build how much she appreciated the care that Thorne Group put into their builds.

“We have never found building with the Thorne Group stressful at all. On the contrary, the Thorne group make the process feel like a real adventure,” says Sarah.

“We actually felt a bit sad when the last house was completed.”

Sarah and Robin have had three houses built by Thorne Group now and Sarah says the choice to come back was easy.

“We don’t think that we could find better,” she says.

“We looked at many competitors’ show homes and the finish and specification – included in the build price – doesn’t match that of the Thorne Group.

“Thorne Group has that trifecta – design, value for money and superb build quality – the Thorne Group trademark.”

Their new Thorne Group build in Ohauiti is a continuation of their last home.

“We decided that we wanted a smaller house and much smaller garden. That said, we will have a very spacious three bedroom home with a great lounge, a kitchen with large pantry and a dining room with a three-metre window seat – great for a good book and glass of wine.”

The difference is in how they were treated. Sarah says building with Thorne Group makes you feel special to those working on your home.

“You feel like you are in an exclusive club. People who have Thorne houses are very happy to talk about their experience with nothing but praise.”

With Thorne Group, Sarah says they have been treated almost like family, with their contractors going out of their way to make a great finished product.

“When we were building the second house, Dan the builder decided we didn’t have a peg for our towel close enough to the shower door, so he went to the plumber’s merchant and got one to match the rest of the plumbing! He didn’t have to do this, but this is a real example of the quality of people that the Thorne Group employ,” says Sarah.

So what advice would you pass on to others looking to build a home?

Look very closely at what different builders are offering and be sure that you are comparing like for like.

Despite Thorne Group having built homes since 2006, Sarah says they’ve been consistent in their values.

“Apart from growing as a company, their values have not changed one bit. Their family name and reputation is of overriding importance to them.

“They make you feel that yours is the only house that they are building!”

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