Coast, community and kai

Real estate agent Jono Hutson and artist Saras Howie share a passion for community, health and vegetarian food. Throughout the summer of 2020/21, the Raglan couple served delicious food from what locals call the Tiny Shop - a 2.8 square metre shop...... Read More

Southern fare to share

The premises at 70 Maunganui Road  has seen many a diner come and go since its construction over 40 years ago, but it’s safe to say it hasn’t housed anything  quite like The Fat Cow.Run by Jorge Arizaga, a Mexican native who moved...... Read More

Eat a rainbow

Entertaining and educational,  Tracy Hardy’s ‘Eat a Rainbow’ app is also simple and brilliant. “How did you come up with the idea?” I ask her.  “Well you know how you get told to eat all the colours of the...... Read More

Devonshire tea at the Elms

  The South Pacific Packard Car Club decided to motor to the Bay and visit The Elms Te Papa Tauranga. A couple of committee members had visited about 12 months ago and were so impressed with what they saw, they wanted to bring the club down from...... Read More

Brew Buddies

A canny synergy has come about through the new business collaboration between Mount Brewing Company and Funk Estate. Joining forces to form the production company Brew Buddies, both beer brands are now produced at the Newton Street site in Mount Maunganui....... Read More

The authentic feel

Sometimes it isn’t about the food, it’s about the experience. The smells, the sights, the laughter and the memories. With Great Spice in Bureta, it’s about all of the above and more. Great Spice is all about the ‘great’...... Read More

A new range of wines - with a twist!

I had been looking forward to our lunch date with Dan Shea from Mills Reef for a while, having heard a lot of talk about the new ‘Bespoke’ range of wines. I am pleased to say, it was totally worth the wait! As always, perfect location, perfect...... Read More


I heard that Carolie de Koster was running her cooking classes from her new kitchen in Omokoroa so I went along and joined in with the cheesemaking class. It was the coldest day in July but possibly the warmest-hearted kitchen in the Bay. The previous...... Read More

Turkish Delight

Cumhur (Jimmy) Akbaba’s shisha pipes decorate the counter above his desk. A Turkish water pipe, also called nargile in Turkey, the pipes allow people to smoke flavoured tobacco as it bubbles through water. Watermelon, grape, blueberry and liquorice...... Read More

Warm up with a decadent winter pudding

Ingredients:160g butter, soft100g brown sugar4 eggs80g macadamia nuts, chopped100g white chocolate buttons1/2 cup semolina flour1/2 tsp baking powder1 cup plain flour1/2 tsp salt1 Tbsp ground cardamon1 cup of milk For the sauce:150g butter200g brown...... Read More