Fitness for everyone

Getting regular exercise is essential for everyone but doing it right and finding the time can be a bit daunting. So here’s a bit of inspiration and a few tips.

The Ministry of Health breaks exercise up into four categories; Aerobic, flexibility, strength and balance.

Some people choose a gym to meet all of these needs and that’s a great way to get consistent exercise and advice when you need it, regardless of weather.

Ali Rudd from Aspire Health and Sports says they have steered away from just being a gym, and they see their purpose-built facility as a place to “exercise socialise and revitalise”.

For many people, one of the quickest ways to get fit around these parts is simply to take a vigorous walk up the Mount or the Papamoa Hills. Steps and steep hills are one of the most intensive and beneficial activities there is.

Of course, you can be less intensive, take a bit longer and go further, like a brisk walk or run around the base track. The key thing is to get the heart rate up and make sure the lungs are puffing a bit.

Get flexible

When it comes to flexibility, popular activities and gym classes like yoga and tai chi will do the trick but even everyday chores can help – like vacuuming or sweeping, says the Ministry of Health’s website.

Strength exercises should also be included in any fitness programme and gyms make this pretty simple for you.

Ali from Aspire says they have a large weights area but also a quiet upstairs circuit with the unique Kaiser equipment, a cardio room, a function training and high performance centre as well as a members only aquatic centre which includes a 25m swimming pool, hot and cold spas and a sauna.

Fitness guru and Auckland Council Pools and Leisure Fitness Centre Manager Matt Nash says people should schedule their activity the same way they do with work meetings, or their children’s sport.

He says any exercise is better than none and it is about finding what motivates you, whether it’s group fitness, swimming, resistance training or even climbing.

For those who are really serious about their fitness or need the convenience of a gym Ali says people should go for a “one-stop-shop”, which includes exercise experts to ensure goals and needs are met.

Here are some tips from Aspire

Eat clean and healthy, be kind to yourself, plan and prioritise your exercise, take advantage of trainers and expertise, understand the basics of building muscle, work your full range of motion, get out of breath, hydrate properly, get good sleep and stay motivated.

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