Facial preservation

It’s time to think about you, to do something that will make you feel more confident and put an added bounce to your step.

Although it’s a privilege to age, some of the less desirable effects of facial ageing prevent us from looking as well as we feel.

Whether it’s a few frown lines glaring back at you in the mirror, or sad, downturned corners of your mouth, Sharon Melrose from her clinic Rejuvenation Cosmetic Medicine, offers an honest, down-to-earth appraisal and safe, time-proven cosmetic medicine treatments to refresh or maintain your looks.

“Each person has particular facial characteristics that distinguish them from millions of other people,” says Sharon, “their personal ‘logo’.

“Clients generally want to maintain that uniqueness for as long as is reasonable. Most of my clients are reluctant to accept not so much the inevitability of ageing, but the speed with which their face changes.”

Cosmetic medicine falls somewhere between the relatively short term benefits of beauty therapy treatments and the more invasive, permanent plastic surgical procedures.

Cosmetic medicine treatments are designed to accommodate and complement an ever-changing and ageing face. The aim is to look refreshed and revitalised.

Sharon Melrose is a registered nurse with more than 20 years in the field of cosmetic medicine. Sharon specialises in treatments using dermal fillers and facial muscle relaxants. Either one, or both procedures work in harmony to re-freshen faces in a natural-looking way.

“There is an increasing demand for these popular treatments by clients with a quest to look and feel their best,” says Sharon.

An established and experienced cosmetic  medicine practitioner is more likely to offer continuity of care and a higher level of skill, resulting in better outcomes, less complications and more realistic and natural-looking results.

Tailor-made treatments using the best possible  products are fine-tuned to each person with safety and comfort in mind.

“Having ‘an eye’ for knowing what is going to suit  or enhance each client is where experience counts,”  says Sharon.

“Trends that place emphasis on particular facial  features are always changing and the ‘trend of the moment’ may not necessarily suit everybody or look flattering at every age.”

Sharon offers a complimentary and confidential consultation to discuss what options may be suitable for each person which are realistic, achievable and within their budget or time frame. People are quite surprised at how relatively inexpensive some of her treatments are.

A treatment for frown lines costs approximately $220 and lasts around three-four months.

Dermal fillers costs from as little as $599 per ml and can last up to two years.

Although cost is an important factor, “good value for money is also about the quality and safety of the products used and the skill with which they are administered,” says Sharon. “Saving a dollar or two at the expense of quality and skill can be counter-productive.”

Treatments are quick to administer and can be effective immediately with little or no down time.

They last from around three months to two years and include re-freshening lips, softening frown lines, adding volume to sunken cheeks, minimising facial wrinkles or deep folds, firming up jaw lines and reducing ‘marionette’ lines.

Photographs are taken prior to treatments and a complimentary follow-up appointment booked for a later date.

Taking a sense of pride in our appearance and keeping a healthy balance between looking and feeling good is just one of a number of many things that we can do to improve our confidence and self-esteem at any age.

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