Six easy ways to add value to your home

Article courtesy of Loan Market   For many Kiwis, weeks spent in lockdown staring at the same four walls has highlighted an urgent need for a refresh. The arrival of spring is the perfect time to crack on with sprucing up your home. Here we...... Read More

Sharing a legacy

Tauranga’s The Strand has changed dramatically in 110 years. The majority of the street’s historical buildings have been replaced and the wharves have been upgraded, but a strong sense of history remains. Gabrielle Gregory has a unique...... Read More

Camp on our lawn

Often, great ideas come out of problems. We see something that needs fixing or changing, and we get stuck in and apply our minds to coming up with a new idea. It may be an invention, a solution or a new way of doing things that makes the world better,...... Read More

Guinness Down Under

It has taken the writing of a book about a famous brew to bring together two local members of the Guinness family. Tauranga resident Glennis Smith is a sixth-generation descendant of Ireland’s Arthur Guinness who, legend has it, created the famous...... Read More

Tauranga's hidden gem

Quietly tucked away in Otumoetai  is one of Tauranga’s oldest historic homes, Maungawhare. Built 140 years ago in 1878, the private kauri homestead was once the hub of entertainment and elegant  garden parties.I was introduced to the...... Read More

Setting a new standard of childcare

It’s every parent’s dream for their children to thrive from an early age and bloom into well-rounded, eager-to-learn, happy people – gorgeous both inside and out. “Confident, calm and happy kids make for pleased-as-punch parents,”...... Read More

Comfort and style

  It’s about quality, comfort and survival. It’s about putting your money where it’ll last. Contemporary Classics in Mount Maunganui is the place to go if you are looking to buy quality, long-lasting and comfortable furniture, and...... Read More

Strategy and distraction

My sister Bev wasn’t coping. We were in Taupo on a Friday night and she knew there would be garage sales the following morning but didn’t know where. Coming from the South Canterbury town of Fairlie, population about 1000, garage sales aren’t...... Read More

Transformational living

Teisha Paratene and her husband Wiremu have been running a community meal in Gate Pa for the past two years. They started off feeding their community outside their home in Arataki at Easter in 2015. “It was bands, bibles and bangers,” says...... Read More

Heart of the home

For some, the kitchen is the highlight of a home. It’s the place where people congregate, eat, talk, bond, and grow closer. You want a kitchen that works for you and for your family. And your dream kitchen may be Palazzo’s next project. Palazzo...... Read More