Facial preservation

It’s time to think about you, to do something that will make you feel more confident and put an added bounce to your step. Although it’s a privilege to age, some of the less desirable effects of facial ageing prevent us from looking as...... Read More

Selling sauerkraut

Jim Pringle’s fermented foods business was born out of a desire to improve the health of New Zealanders. It’s not often a married couple in their 80s start a food production business, but that is exactly what Jim and Margaret Pringle did...... Read More

Looking for a wall

Faye Suzannah is looking for walls.  And wall owners. The Tauranga-based mural artist, who came from the UK in November with her Kiwi partner and their two-year-old daughter, is keen to put colour onto backyard walls, buildings, garden and business...... Read More

Buy Local Taste Tauranga

We all know that spending locally saves local businesses and during August you’ll discover the sweet taste of buying local if you attend any of the Taste Tauranga Festival events on in the city centre. For the third year running this ‘feastival’,...... Read More

Red Lounge Sessions

Sitting perched on stools  sipping coffee with a friend outside Luca one afternoon about three years ago,  I was suddenly aware he was grinning at something behind me. Turning I caught a flurry of red hair as a woman sped past pausing briefly...... Read More

The untold story of a funeral director

A lot of 22-year-olds spend their weekends with friends or at a bar or club but one Tauranga man spent his helping at a funeral home. Many may think this is a bit macabre but for Marco Vianello it was a way to test the waters and see if funeral directing...... Read More

A Dad-and-Daughter YouTube channel

Dancing, food fights, dress-up and  self-defence are only a few features of Craig and Mikkayla Leckie’s action-packed YouTube channel. The dad-and-daughter duo from Mount Maunganui have been uploading to their channel, My Hat is Awesome,...... Read More

A rock legend comes out to play

I met Corben Simpson last year, backstage at Maurice Greer’s concert. Quietly blending in behind the scenes, he was helping out as Mr Human Instinct set up for his show at The Entertainers Club in Tauranga. Afterwards I went home and looked Corben...... Read More

A hiker’s life

Life is an adventure best spent outside for Cathy and Brad Taylor. The couple own Walking Legends, a multi-day hike guiding business that tour seven of the North Island’s most magical spots – from the Coromandel’s breath-taking pinnacles,...... Read More

Living the good life gluten free

When Mount Maunganui woman Elly McKenzie was diagnosed with coeliac disease 18 years ago, gluten-free food was supplied on prescription from the chemist and restaurant meals would consist of meat, salad and omelette. Nowadays, she reckons living with...... Read More