Bigger and better – and back!

The Tauranga Home Show is back on October 16-18 and it’s shaping up to be a good one.  After a turbulent year, this exhibition is gearing up to be one of New Zealand’s few major retail events of 2020, with more than 300 exhibitors spread...... Read More

Breaking away from the flock

With rising awareness of the impact  of synthetic materials and chemicals in our living spaces, proactive customers are seeking out eco-friendly alternatives, including the fibres we use to keep our homes  warm and dry. Wool is a fantastic...... Read More

Build a dream home with Signature Homes

Signature Homes Tauranga & Bay of Plenty are your experts when it comes to building quality homes to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Whether you have an idea of your dream home planned out or you’re just starting your building journey, whether...... Read More

Show-stopping local success

The three local BOP founders of Show TV celebrating the company’s 15th birthday this September;  Philip Blomfield, Bridget Clarke, Darryl Clarke. It’s the biggest company of its kind  in Australasia, it’s been in business...... Read More

A focus on community

Builders regional manager Nathan Watkins, Homes of Hope CEO Hilary Price and building consultant Bryce Hickey signing the contract. When you look at building or buying  a home, you look for more than the finished product. You look at the community...... Read More

A focus on what’s real

New Zealand celebrity chef Nadia Lim is known for her delicious, healthy recipes and meal delivery boxes, and soon she’ll be coming to Tauranga to share her talent with the Bay of Plenty. She has always dreamed of working with food and found...... Read More

The Summerhill Story

At Summerhill, farming, forestry and  people work in harmony. The three aren’t separate – the Mountain bike jump-track weaves through the poplar trees, and the hiking trail starts beside a sheep paddock. Hikers and bikers get the...... Read More

Winter lantern festival

Mary Tait-Jamieson. Once a year during winter,  a wonderful, joyous event takes place at night on six hectares in Welcome Bay. Every year I hear about it and make a wish - to be transported back to childhood so I can experience the lantern wonderland...... Read More

Waihi gold

OceanaGold trade assistant Brett Ranga. OceanaGold Waihi has a reputation for being a ‘lifestyle mine’. There’s no need to fly into the desert for weeks on end, and workers can enjoy living  in a small town that’s a 10...... Read More

Free workshop keeps paddlers safe

Kayaking and paddle boarding may be on the leisurely end of the water sports spectrum, but not knowing the safety basics can be deadly. That’s why the Kiwi Association of Sea Kayaking  hosts a free Kayak and Paddle Craft Safety Workshop...... Read More