A new comedy series for Tauranga

As I stood at Tauranga Airport  I wondered what the next week would bring. It was Tuesday, March 17 and we were filming three scenes of a pilot for  a new comedy series. The news of Covid-19 had begun to raise concerns, with 11 confirmed...... Read More

From treehouse to desktop

Nicci Baxter outside the Treehouse Gallery in Gate Pa. Photo: Daniel Hines. I’ve driven past the Treehouse Gallery on Cameron Rd many times and wondered how it was faring as New Zealand transitioned out of lockdown. Business owners across the...... Read More

The Grand Bazaar

I first saw the video come up on Facebook. It was late March, late at night, and we were in the early days of the national lockdown. The gunslinger striding out across South Island high country, atmospheric instrumental music filling the room around...... Read More

Block 5 Kombucha

A beverage described as “vinegar beer tea” sounded pretty disgusting to Tauriko’s Matt Gillon at first. Little did he know, the drink called kombucha, would inspire future business. Block 5 has been up and running for just over a...... Read More

Fresh food and family

A salad and herb growing business is more than just a way to make a living for the Miller family. Debbie and Malcolm Miller bought Liberty Growers seven years ago as a retirement plan, and a place for them to enjoy their gardening hobby. The one-hectare...... Read More

Snacks, social enterprise and a baby

I first met Nathan Little after he helped an Auckland mother and her children who became lost in a storm. He was pumping petrol at a local service station. Since then I know he’s helped set up a social enterprise that sells vegetables and visited...... Read More

Build your new lifestyle

Building with Signature Homes Bay of Plenty is an exciting and rewarding experience; their aim is to make it easy and enjoyable too. Whether you’re looking for a first family home, a holiday retreat, an investment property or somewhere to retire,...... Read More

The life and style of our local business owners

On any given day, across our city, you’ll find mums and dads, grandparents, sons, daughters, entrepreneurs and risk takers opening up their businesses for another day ‘on the job.’   Some have risked everything for their business,...... Read More

Tom Bradley

Sitting in an outside chair at his Papamoa home, with my eyes squinting nearly shut, I could faintly visualise what Tom Bradley was telling me. It was pre-lockdown and we were enjoying one of the many  sunny summer days. “I have this imaginary...... Read More

The life and style of our local business

Every day across Tauranga doors open, lights turn on, and smiles are placed on the faces of the many thousands of mums and dads, grandmas and grandads, sons, daughters, entrepreneurs and risk takers who own and run our many local businesses.  And...... Read More