Fresh face of cosmetic medicine

She worked and played in the  bright lights of London, New York and Gisborne, and now  Dr Anuya Deshpande loves the  Bay of Plenty’s growth, balanced with its relaxed beach style living. Settled in Papamoa with her husband and...... Read More

Māori in Aotearoa

Buddy Mikaere’s book ‘Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand: Understanding the culture, protocols and customs’ has been reprinted. Originally written by Buddy and printed by  New Holland Publishers in 2013, the first edition sold out. Buddy...... Read More

Painting life PINK

I have discovered that when life hurls itself at people and their world gets broken, they often dig deep to rise above it. Melissa Howell is one such person who has burst into my life this week, with a friendly ‘hello’, followed by laughter...... Read More

Fancy a cuppa?

It’s a lifestyle that’s becoming rarer  as the years go by – but Jen Murray is a  stay-at-home Mum. Jen and husband Paul chose the lifestyle over 14 years ago when Jasmin came along, and still embrace it today. With Hollie...... Read More

Inspired by art

Art and flavour collide in sensational style for this year’s Ora King Salmon Awards. The region has several restaurants featuring the outstanding Ora King Salmon. Tauranga’s Trinity Wharf – Halo, Mt Bistro, Postbank, Phil’s...... Read More

My virtual adventure

One night this month, I drove two laps  of Bathurst, designed a dress using hot pink neon triangles, created a three-dimensional painting around me in the air and went to a planet in the outer galaxy to assist the Federation while under attack...... Read More

Boomerang Bags

I’ve seen the Boomerang Bags around the city, and even stood reading the sign on one of the bins before wandering off again. It’s like subtle advertising that eventually seeps down into my brain - I too can make a positive change and ban...... Read More

The Tauranga Observatory

I’ve often wondered about the universe. Who hasn’t? I’ve downloaded satellite tracking apps and watched from a garden hammock on a summer night as the stars pass overhead. There’s so many questions.   Why does Pluto form...... Read More

Searching for a mermaid

I hadn’t searched for a mermaid before,  but decided to go on a musical mystery journey. I hadn’t searched for a mermaid before but decided to go on a musical mystery journey. Motoring up into the hills beyond Papamoa, I eventually...... Read More

A Moment in Time

George Wootton has had his life story captured and preserved in a book, creating an enduring legacy for his family.   “I was approached by the family to do George’s story about 18 months ago,” says Forget-Me-Not Life Stories...... Read More