A fusion of engineering and beauty

Photos: Chris Callinan.

It was a very special ring with a very special sparkle. The couple wanted diamonds – stones of all shapes and sizes: round, princess and baguette cut.

“It challenged him as a jeweller, but the end result was something quite incredible,” says the jeweller’s wife Helen Redding.

Adrian has been a qualified manufacturing jeweller for 22 years. This very special bespoke ring, is the one he remembers the most.

“You’re playing with the contrasting brilliance of the diamond facets, to create a piece that was truly unique. The completed ring surpassed expectations, and was exceptional.”

A shining result from a collaboration between the customer and jeweller at Bethlehem Jewellers Boutique. There’s a process Adrian follows – a unique design must tick all three boxes: beauty, practicality, and durability.

Sometimes fantasy can get in the way of reality. “Customers can come in with pictures or ideas that may not be practical, or wearable and will not stand the test of time,” says Helen.

“But this is where Adrian is really excellent in how he can tune into what the customer really loves about that design or concept. It might be the fact that it looked really delicate or had vintage accents.

“From there he can work with the customers to make that piece aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and durable, to last a lifetime.”

The very special ring with a very special sparkle is a bespoke jewel on the finger of one very happy Tauranga woman. An heirloom piece that started from a flicker of an idea to a stunning reality. “Great jewellery is really a fusion of engineering and beauty,” says Helen.

From under the shining showroom chandeliers to behind the glass counters, Bethlehem Jewellers Boutique’s two jewellers and four retail staff provide a full jewellery experience.

The talented manufacturing jewellers specialise in creating beautiful bespoke hand-crafted jewellery, engagement and wedding rings from diamonds, emeralds, sapphire, ruby, tanzanite and precious stone jewellery in platinum and gold.

Adrian uses traditional goldsmithing techniques to handcraft bespoke jewellery pieces for a modern world.

He’s working on a piece as Life+Style is invited behind the scenes into the workshop of Bethlehem Jewellers Boutique.

We watch as Adrian melts a piece of gold, taking a raw form and manipulating it into the beginnings of a jewellery piece. He’s working in a tidy dress shirt and pants with a goldsmith’s apron over top.

A customer walks in and the apron comes off – he’s ready for retail.

“Often during the creative process, the customer will come in to see their piece evolve,” says Helen. “It’s a really consultative process and it’s something that people can have a lot of input in, so that they end up with something very personal.”

Helen’s wearing something very personal – a wedding and engagement ring designed and crafted by her hubby. And the beautiful layered diamond ring shining from her wedding finger is simply beautiful.

“It’s something very personal,” says Helen. “Whether it’s a husband who’s designed something or someone who has put that love and thought into designing a piece, there’s just something a little bit more special about it.”

And taking the time to pick the perfect ring is also very meaningful. Bethlehem Jewellers Boutique has a showroom just twinkling with many different diamonds and jewels to choose from.

Visit www.jewellersboutique.nzto see some of the special sparkles available at Bethlehem Jewellers Boutique.

After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.