Talking tiles

Photos: Bruce Barnard.

They’re going to be there for a very long time – in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the lounge or the bedrooms.

Wherever you plan to put your tiles, choosing the right ones can be one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make when building new or renovating their home.
That’s when Tile Gallery’s phone rings. Owners Gay Barber and Robyn Davis know how important it is to get the right ones to match your space, décor and desires.

It’s a big investment as tiles are glued to the floor for a long time – so every effort needs to be made to make the right choice.

Robyn and Gay have been in the tile industry for 20 years, while team member Andrew Bennett has 15 years’ experience and newest member Janeen de Denus has been associated with the interior design industry for nine years.

Together, the Tile Gallery team has been fortunate enough to be associated with several award-winning homes and has supplied their products both nationally and internationally.

What makes the Tile Gallery team different is their dedicated interest in tiles. Tiles are exciting, and like any changing fashion trend, the team finds it interesting to see what new designs are being manufactured.

Being committed to quality and service from the moment you step in the door to the ‘chink’ of champagne glasses as you celebrate your renovations or new build, the team are there to help guide customers through the process.

The Tile Gallery team get a real feel for their clients’ needs, what they are looking for and can help them with tough choices, or put them in touch with different designers they may choose.

The modern and interactive showroom in Judea has allowed the Tile Gallery to display a unique collection of tiles in one space, as well as providing an in-house ‘designer hub’ for clients, interior designers and architects to work closely with.

They are very focused on quality, which means many of the porcelain tiles in the showroom are from Italy and Spain, the home of gorgeous tiles.

Tile Gallery receives new tiles every week to keep up with constantly changing trends, and they strive to be at the forefront of new trends and fashion.

The team is always looking for something different and something new.
A large percentage of tiles are exclusive to Tile Gallery in the Bay, so they do stand out, offering everything from affordable to the high-end luxury tiles.

So what’s hot right now? Trends shown at the Tile Fair in Italy this season show more of a timber-look and more colour. It’s almost an eclectic mix.
The timber planking and oak timber flooring is proving more popular, to add a more natural look.

For that timbered look, especially in spaces where there is a lot of moisture, the porcelain wood-look tiles are perfect, suggests the team.

The showroom, on the corner of Birch Avenue and Amber Crescent in Judea, has both an interior and exterior display, showing a comprehensive and ever-changing range, including deck jack 20mm porcelain pavers, suitable for decks and level entry, which can be adjusted to any height/slope.

Tile Gallery supplied tiles to the winner of the National Supreme award for Registered Master Builders 2015 House of the Year, located at Mount Maunganui, plus Regional 2015 Renovation of the Year.