Understanding is everything

Pinc & Steel gives hope, strength and courage to many cancer patients throughout the Bay of Plenty. Therapist and physiotherapist Cath McFadyen says it’s about minimising the side effects from cancer and the associated treatments. “We empower...... Read More

A woman's choice

Tauranga mothers may not realise it, but they’re paving the way for birthing mums around the country. The city’s own primary birthing centre, Bethlehem Birthing Centre, has been a hit with mothers and families since it opened in November...... Read More

Children’s fitness classes

It’s the ideal situation for mums – your children are well-cared for, getting some good social stimulation and exercise. And you can go and have a coffee, get a sports massage, or have a workout, comfortable in the knowledge your children...... Read More

Building on the beauty business

‘A gorgeous skin is the best accessory and since we wear it every day, let us make an effort to take care of it and protect it the same way it protects us’. This is one of Sanctum Beauty Therapy and Spa director and owner Lisa Shea’s...... Read More

Doctor discovers the healing power

“We’re being brave,” says Jennie Rassell. Brave because Jennie and her colleagues Jeannette Moon and Dr Sandy Dinsdale are advocates of homeopathy – a branch of alternative medicine which has been much maligned. “How can...... Read More

Mindful movement

Bluemat Pilates instructor Riana Leaf makes sure she’s active in her classes – checking each and every foot is aligned, every stretch is working aching muscles, every breath is deep. “I’ve always said to people: ‘If you...... Read More

A beautiful legacy

Jamele Skincare Centre has been in the Foster family for 30 years this year, passing down from mother to daughter along the way. While Shelley is now at the helm, Pat’s visionary philosophy of holistic skincare beats at the heart of everything...... Read More

Let food be thy medicine

Father of modern medicine, Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. At Bethlehem Health and Tea Shop, they believe this quote is just as important in the 21st Century as it was some 2500 years ago. They credit...... Read More

Stretching the boundaries of sustainability

Eyes shut, she stares beneath her eyelids out to the ocean. Face calm, legs crossed, hands on her knees – Maxine Orange is a picture of peacefulness. But meditation for this yogini is not just relaxation – it’s when she feels most inspired...... Read More

Real deal from a real barber

When I booked in for a haircut this week, Werner could only give me half an hour. More than enough time to do the job, but still not enough time. Because I pay $29 for a complete experience - to hang out with Werner, to relax, to have a civilised chat,...... Read More