Country living, city convenience

Three Creeks Estate is a new neighbourhood in Ohauiti, Tauranga, where peaceful country living meets city convenience. As you drive along its tree-lined entrance, you are whisked away from the hustle  and bustle and into a lush,  tranquil...... Read More

Rhythm and Raga

After a sold out show in 2019, Kutu Mukherjee is back in March presenting the second ‘Rhythm & Raga’ in Tauranga, an evening of Indian melodies. As a musician trained in western classical music, I find my ear and mind experiences a fascinating...... Read More

Checking off the bucket list

Have you explored the bottom of the Mariana trench and the top of Mt Everest? Flown to the Moon, sailed a yacht, brought a T-Rex to life? Is there a way to do all this  and not leave Tauranga? Matt Rencher found a way, three years ago, with Virtual...... Read More

Elegant dining en masse

The mystery shrouding Le Dîner en Blanc Tauranga is part of its magic and allure. The mass intimacy and elegance, the dignified etiquette, the sea of white enchanted loveliness and charming sophistication – all woven into Tauranga’s...... Read More

Fitness for everyone

Getting regular exercise is essential for everyone but doing it right and finding the time can be a bit daunting. So here’s a bit of inspiration and a few tips. The Ministry of Health breaks exercise up into four categories; Aerobic, flexibility,...... Read More

Vintage wedding dress fashion show

For more than 40 years, the garden at Brain Watkins House in Cameron Rd has come alive  with live music, stalls and memories of a bygone era. Last year, a parade of vintage clothing was featured at the annual garden party. “This year we’re...... Read More

Gumboots and golf

A pair of gumboots, a piece of downpipe slung over the shoulder to hold a few clubs, and it’s all ‘FORE’ steam ahead on the sheep farm fairway as the townies tee off. On a Friday in March, about 60 corporate ‘execs’, with...... Read More

Creating a better future

Photo: John Borren. Sustainable Backyards is back for 2020, bringing with it a month-long calendar of environmental events in March. This year celebrates 15 years of sustainability, focused on individual efforts and there are more than 230 events...... Read More

Scrap metal into outdoor art

Making art and floral arrangements  using driftwood from the beach was something my grandmother Esther Harvey loved doing. She’d find a curved, unusual piece of driftwood, take it home, and it would appear the next Sunday at the front of...... Read More

Festival of colour to spread joy

It’s a festival of love, of light, of colour and of happiness. This ancient cultural festival hails from India but is travelling across the world, spreading colour and happiness wherever  it goes. The Holi Colour Splash festival is now...... Read More