Andrew Dalley, Lawn Mower Racer

Andrew Dalley has been zooming around on his lawnmower most weekends this year. “I’ve been racing since February,” says Andrew. “On the first Sunday of each month, I’ve been going to Cambridge to race. Our local club...... Read More

Tristan Hancock

Arriving to live in Tauranga about ten months ago, Tristan Hancock has brought his musical, global soul with him. Born on a boat in the waters of Fiji, he grew up experiencingmany different cultures and ethnicities, absorbing and integrating the music...... Read More

Matuku Moana

Matuku Moana Eco-Village is a nature reserve and eco village development planned for Pukehina. The concept - transforming and repurposing beachside Pukehina farmland into wetlands and reserves alongside sustainable homes - is expected to deliver 350...... Read More

Barry Muir - A life in retail

Barry Muir has had recycled rimu from Tauranga’s old police building and hospital maternity ward made into new furniture. “One lady told me she’d given birth to six children in the maternity ward, and wanted a piece of this furniture,”...... Read More

Kaimai Range Honey

Jody Mitchell is used to the early  Kaimai mornings. She grew up there, and brought her husband home from Cornwall to raise their own family in the hills overlooking the Bay.   “I was adamant I was going to have my children here, and...... Read More

Le Quesnoy - The Tauranga Connection

Before leaving for Le Quesnoy in France, Anthony Averill, a property consultant at WPS Opus in Tauranga, reflected on the personal connection he has with that town. Anthony’s grandfather was Leslie Cecil Lloyd Averill, who was awarded a Military...... Read More

Helping in the community

With Bayfair expanding, the shopping mall’s Police Information Centre is  looking for more volunteers to help cover shifts and ensure they can patrol the complex each and every day. “We need heaps more volunteers,” says Bayfair...... Read More

Tauranga South’s community patrol

One Friday night in October, I joined  the community night patrol as they  set off on their four-hour surveillance  of Tauranga South. The secretary of the Tauranga South Community Patrol, Maureen Kathan, had invited me along with her...... Read More

Tap dancing comes full circle

Merv Beets is directing 16th Ave Theatre’s next play, Stepping Out. “I was in Stepping Out in Rotorua about 30 years ago,” says Merv, “and Fiona McNeill played Sylvia. Now I’m directing and she’s Mrs Fraser in the...... Read More

Limo, ice cream and fun

Zahnee Campbell’s lower spine surgery is scheduled for late November. The first decade of her life has been one of overcoming serious health challenges, and recently she reached the teenage year milestone. Mount Maunganui Lions Club was approached...... Read More