My virtual adventure

One night this month, I drove two laps  of Bathurst, designed a dress using hot pink neon triangles, created a three-dimensional painting around me in the air and went to a planet in the outer galaxy to assist the Federation while under attack...... Read More

Boomerang Bags

I’ve seen the Boomerang Bags around the city, and even stood reading the sign on one of the bins before wandering off again. It’s like subtle advertising that eventually seeps down into my brain - I too can make a positive change and ban...... Read More

The Tauranga Observatory

I’ve often wondered about the universe. Who hasn’t? I’ve downloaded satellite tracking apps and watched from a garden hammock on a summer night as the stars pass overhead. There’s so many questions.   Why does Pluto form...... Read More

Searching for a mermaid

I hadn’t searched for a mermaid before,  but decided to go on a musical mystery journey. I hadn’t searched for a mermaid before but decided to go on a musical mystery journey. Motoring up into the hills beyond Papamoa, I eventually...... Read More

A Moment in Time

George Wootton has had his life story captured and preserved in a book, creating an enduring legacy for his family.   “I was approached by the family to do George’s story about 18 months ago,” says Forget-Me-Not Life Stories...... Read More

All you’ve ever wanted

If you’ve ever considered running away to the Paradise Peninsula for the sunshine, the beach and the chance to breathe in the fresh air, now’s the time to look into it. Waterview Estate in Omokoroa combines the best of both worlds –...... Read More

Welcoming Communities

Getting settled into a new city can be exciting, but also stressful, overwhelming and lonely. Scoping out local shops, duplicating keys, finding out when rubbish collection  day is – these all add to the busy period around relocating. It...... Read More

Turban Day

Turban Day is coming to Tauranga waterfront on Saturday, July 21, providing the opportunity to witness people donning a turban and to try one on yourself. Tauranga Turban Day, organised by Puran Singh, will be an annual event in the city, educating...... Read More

Seven course degustation

There they were, Karena and Kasey Bird, who, as most of us know, entered and  won the Masterchef New Zealand competition in 2014.   It was a Saturday morning in June and I was standing in the warm sun at the Lizard Market at the Omokoroa...... Read More

Moss Burmester

Commonwealth swimming record holder Moss Burmester is one of ten New Zealand sporting heroes leading the way helping local sports clubs save money and reduce their environmental impact. During September, the LiteClub project Moss supports will be providing...... Read More