A cairn of stones

From the age of nine, my sisters and I would explore the headland at Omokoroa. Our small bach was nearby, and after a day on the water, we’d go blackberry or raspberry-hunting up through the trees and bush area. It was mostly overgrown, and we...... Read More

Fifty-two Davids

It all started last September, when Tauranga resident Kym Johnson received a message via the ancestry website from  Erin Foster-O’Riordan of Canada. “Hi, my name is Erin Foster,” it read. “I’m working on a blog that...... Read More

Back to the future

I drove out to Greerton Village to check on the knitted piano. It had been hosted by the Women’s Refuge second-hand shop, which now had to close. The piano needed a new home. I’d met the new interim manager of the refuge, Hazel Hape, in 2007...... Read More

Tango to mango

Film directors Antoinette Wilson  and Jordan Osmond are living in a five-acre food forest in Katikati. They met Andrew Martin, the owner of the property, while filming their documentary Living the Change in 2017.Near the main house, Andrew has a...... Read More

Morning Melodies

My phone rang. “Oh Rooosalieeee,” purred Alys Ingrid Wicksteed’s velvet voice, “you simply must hear about what we have planned - it’s going to be fabulous!”  She mentioned Bob Addison, the city’s Steinway...... Read More

Say goodbye to varicose veins

Varicose and spider veins are relatively common conditions, affecting up to 50 per cent of women and a lesser number of men.  These days, thanks to advanced technology, there is a variety of treatment options for patients to consider, and if you...... Read More

Beyond Us

I first heard about Curate in 2009 when past Tauranga City councillor and musical director Bob Addison was looking for a location to put on a Jacques Brel musical. Back then Curate was called Mosaic, a church meeting in a large commercial building in...... Read More

The Crafty Gatherer

From re-purposing beer crates, to keeping snuggly in winter with salt bags, Marco and Tess Partridge are living an adventure of simplicity and sustainability that they  once only hoped to do. They call themselves the Crafty Gatherer,  gathering...... Read More

Jassi Singh

Tauranga’s Jassi Singh, 15,  has spent one third of his life playing cricket. He is also one of 16 young New Zealand cricketers heading  to India in April. Former Black Cap Jacob Oram is taking the group of cricketers, aged 15-20, to...... Read More

Mana Hira Davis

Writer and producer Mana Hira Davis  asked me to come and be an alien zombie in his Guardian of the Stones, so of course  I had to say yes.  Most mornings I do zombie rather well for the first couple of hours of the day, so I figured acting...... Read More