Curbing food waste in Tauranga

A group of five, including two pursuing PhD’s, have developed a way of curbing food waste in Tauranga. “We started a Facebook page and Instagram - @eightmecom – which connects Tauranga and Mount Maunganui businesses with customers...... Read More

The stories of NZ’s kiwifruit pioneers

I couldn’t wait to read Elaine Fisher’s new book ‘Seeds of Success -  the Stories of New Zealand’s Kiwifruit Pioneers’. Commissioned by NZ Kiwifruit Growers (NZKGI) to mark its 25th anniversary in 2019, I knew it...... Read More

A pivotal moment

I’ve met a lot of people around Tauranga who one day just have a pivotal moment. They step back from their lives a moment, take a look at what they’re doing, what their skill  set is, and realise they can do something more. Something...... Read More

Tauranga Zinefest

I remember as a young child on our farm in Waiuku, smelling the ink from the rollers as my parents typed up a small publication on a stencil. They would then make copies using a Gestetner duplicator. These were regularly distributed around the neighbourhood...... Read More

Building bespoke living spaces

Winter is the perfect time to cosy up inside and enjoy your living spaces. As the weather draws us back inside, the team at The Design Depot can help you get your home ready for the cooler months. The Design Depot showroom on Totara St is beautifully...... Read More

Combining style and sustainability

    Thorne Group has built a light, breezy home that not only stands as a beautiful home, but is also eco-friendly and healthier to live in. The Thorne Group’s new show home at The Lakes seamlessly combines design and eco-consciousness. The...... Read More

Dash Shaw

    With the growing number of animators in Tauranga and Rotorua, it’s great news to hear that Dash Shaw will be coming to town. Thanks to the support of the US Embassy, the Tauranga Art Gallery is flying Dash to New Zealand to speak...... Read More

Allan Bicker

    Chief Fire Officer Allan Bicker has been a volunteer fire fighter for the Papamoa Volunteer Fire Brigade for over 30 years. On the last day of March 2019, he quietly went into the station and hung up his chief’s hat for the last...... Read More

Wahine on Water

    Surf lifeguards from around the Bay of Plenty and Coromandel areas made waves at one of the first Wahine on Water Events, held at Whangamata Beach in April. As part of a BP Leaders for Life Project, young volunteers Phoebe Havill, Phil...... Read More

The spirit of Napoleon in Papamoa

    While exploring the Papamoa waterways, I came across an arched footbridge with an overhanging weeping willow. Taking a photo of this rather romantic scene, I posted the picture to Facebook. Tauranga City Councillor Steve Morris immediately...... Read More