Salt Gypsies

Heidi Steward’s mum Gloria Groot and step-dad Case were planning to live full-time on a bus, travelling NZ once Gloria retired. “But sadly, she passed away from cancer last year,” says Heidi. Heidi and husband Paul sat down after...... Read More

My sumo wrestling sisters

I was at the Margaret Mahy Park next to the Avon River in Christchurch when I suddenly noticed two sumo wrestlers in bright wigs waddle by.  They were giggling. I turned to find my mother lost  in uncontrollable laughter. “Oh no,”...... Read More

Brandon Stone and the Bay Explorer

It was skipper Brandon Stone’s tip to a passenger enjoying a trip out with him on his boat ‘Bay Explorer’ that resulted in the overjoyed shout “There’s a crocodile!” The passenger had burst in through the wheelhouse...... Read More

The Adventures of Benjamin Boogie

Kourtney Troon’s children’s book has arrived. Full of fun illustrations ‘The Adventures of Benjamin Boogie’ tells the interesting story of an adorable booger named Benjamin who gets evicted out of Putrid Pete’s nose. Benjamin...... Read More

New BOP artist pushing the boundaries

The Incubator has launched a new year of art with Marilyn Muirhead’s first  solo exhibition. Meeting the award-winning artist in the gallery is a pleasure; her smile and the colours she wears permeates the background art - the limes and...... Read More

Paddle to sunrise

It was the early hours of New Year’s Day. On the last day of the year I’d been working until well after midnight so was planning a sleep in, but I knew that Porina Whetu McLeod and her East Coast Paddler team were paddling out before dawn...... Read More

Celebrating  Chinese culture

Stepping on to the village green at Tauranga’s Historic Village last week, I turned to find Wentao Zhang swirling past me, holding aloft a large golden ball spinning on top of a pole he was carrying.  Following him and well above my head,...... Read More

New York based banjo and fiddle duo

The dynamic team at the Jam Factory set a high bar in 2019 with over 100 musical events to dive into. There was everything from funk to classical music, Australian blues to French Gypsy Swing, Rockabilly Brawls to Sounds of India. Pop, soul, electronic...... Read More

Peach  ice cream

Ingredients 1 Tbsp powdered gelatine 350ml water 175g sugar 6 fresh peaches, blanched, peeled and sliced 3Tbsp lemon juice   Method Put the gelatine in a small bowl with four-five tablespoons of the water. Meanwhile, boil the rest of the...... Read More

Looking for books by NZ authors

It’s that Christmas time of year when  we need to find ‘just the right present’ to give. My sister Andrea knows that I love second-hand books, so I thought I’d  hunt for some myself. I started browsing NZ authors on...... Read More