Slice of heaven

When Des O’Leary was teaching in a South Auckland school, he became aware that books reflecting the lives of young immigrant multicultural Kiwis were scarce. He decided to help remedy this by writing one himself. The result is that this Tauranga...... Read More

Nick Charles

What better way to flick away the winter blues than to spend a quiet evening listening to the deft virtuoso finger plucking of master guitarist, Nick Charles. Who am I kidding here – Nick is arguably one of the most excellent blues guitarists...... Read More


This week I flew across a mysterious alien world on a digital travelator, passing humanoid clones and slipping down through tunnels and into orbs that gently allowed me to float on by. Jess Johnson and Simon Ward have opened Terminus, a stunning virtual...... Read More

Sundowner of the Skies

When Oscar Garden landed his Gipsy Moth plane Kia Ora in Australia on November 4 1930, after flying solo from England, there were no welcoming crowds as no-one was expecting him. The Sun newspaper in Sydney dubbed him Sundowner of the Skies. A sundowner...... Read More

Come downtown and Taste Tauranga

It’s said that if only people were immersed in the art of cuisine and gastronomy, we would all be wiser and better. We’d also have that warm feeling of a satisfied appetite after indulging in the tastes and flavours of pleasant and delicious...... Read More

Saving ponies, puppies, goats, kittens..

Rowan Elliott, age 20, has always been  an animal lover. “I’ve grown up with all sorts of animals and mum and dad never said no to anything,” says Rowan. It’s no surprise, that two years ago, a straight-forward cat rescue...... Read More

Paint one, find one, hide one

While walking through Yatton Park in winter, it’s clear something magical is happening. As I crunch along the frosty path, I hear squeals of laughter and excitement as a toddler bends down to pick something up. Clutched in a tiny hand is a small...... Read More

Mrs Krishnan is throwing a crazy party

I’ve been told that Indians throw crazy parties. And I’ve been invited! “What do they mean - crazy parties?” I  wondered as I glanced through a flyer for Mrs Krishnan’s Party. Reading on it says “Heard of Diwali?...... Read More

Winter twilight trains

I wrapped up warm and joined hundreds of people on a Saturday night in early July at the Palmerville Station. We were there to catch one of the twilight steam trains. Toots and laughter flowed out over the crisp night air as steam loudly puffed from...... Read More

Winter Whites

When we think about wine and winter, it’s generally  a cosy image of open fires, winter food and a glass of red wine that comes to mind. But, for those of us who just don’t love red wine (as much as we love white wine!), there are...... Read More