Super powers and super gifts

Jason Chooi has gifts for the whole family at Pyes Pa Pharmacy

“We have some great mother and baby gifts, plush toys, cute sunhats for kids, men’s toiletries and haircare gift packs, and make-up,” says pharmacist Grace Ling. “And we source New Zealand-made when we can.”

“The Batman, Batgirl, Superman, and Supergirl capes and masks are very popular,” adds co-owner Jason Chooi. Jason boasts his own super powers in the form of a super robot, and it’s great news for people ordering multiple prescriptions. “It’s a great idea for family members who may have multiple medications to manage,” says Jason.

He’s talking about a state-of-the-art robot machine for dispensing drugs. “In the industry we call it a robot, but its full name is an Automated Dispensing System, or ADS.” Jason says it’s ‘the newest in the Western Bay’, and it certainly makes organising your medication super-easy.

“It produces all your tablets in a roll of individually packaged tablets,” says Grace. “For someone who has to take, say, two of pill A at breakfast, one of pill B at lunch, three of pill C at dinner on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and maybe two other pills once a week; it makes life much easier.”

The roll of tablets comes out in chronological order, stamped with days of the week and meal times, such as ‘Monday lunch’ and ‘Tuesday breakfast’.

Gift the gift of organisation this Christmas from Pyes Pa Pharmacy.

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