Waihi Beach bonanza

It’s the first Waihi Beach Summer Fair and already it’s shaping up as a boomer.

Organisers initially planned for about 50 stalls at the January 7 event at Wilson Park. But last week they cut it off at 130 stalls.

Organiser Kelly Moselen brought the idea back from Goa in India where they ran a market shop selling antique and unusual jewellery.

"Waihi Beach is just right for a summer fair," says Kelly.

The interest from stallholders reflects that, so they are going to squeeze in the event into the Coromandel summer fair circuit.

There’ll be lots of fascinating food including Hungarian fried bread called langos, whitebait, paua and wild venison sandwiches and paella. There’ll also be salamis, chutneys and organic meats and lots of entertainment.

The message from the organisers is people will be welcome, cars won’t be because parking will be at a premium.

The fair runs from 10am to 4pm on Thursday, January 7 at Wilson Park in Waihi Beach.