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Dicing with the parking wardens

They’re the parking cheats, the motorists who try to beat the meter, who want something for nothing. But unfortunately for them, it seems the... Read More

Artist sticks it to the Don

It was an artist making an ethical statement. But he chose perhaps the most divisive and polarising subject matter of our time to make his point. And... Read More

Solar energy for the youth

They are striving to conserve their carbon dioxide emissions, save money and educate the young community on alternative energy sources. Trustee Blair... Read More

Empowerment leads to new life

Victoria McEwan’s current reality is drastically different from what her life was three years ago, thanks to a local non-for-profit. She was living... Read More

What Do Women Really Want?

Tauranga woman Beverly May was working as a hairdresser in her 20s when she realised she didn’t want the life most of her female clients seemed... Read More

Captain Ross leading from the front

With the Steamers on an unstoppable surge to a home semi-final, the razzle-dazzle play from arguably the best attacking backline in the competition has... Read More

Volunteering your time for love

The team at Waipuna Hospice see patients who have no or limited family support during the most difficult moments of their lives. Whatever the reason,... Read More

Te Puke’s linger longer place

Times change, things change, but nothing changes. Like at the Te Puke Post Office where locals have taken over running the business. Things have changed... Read More

Age shall not weary them

It’s always the way. The 1917 Dodge Roadster had served them faithfully and tirelessly on a two-month, 4886 mile odyssey around the South Island. We... Read More

The reincarnation of eat street

  Wharf Street - tacky and dilapidated. A hodgepodge of recycled wooden pallets and planters, the occupants of most, long dead.   A shambles... Read More

That’s a bit of a waste

  The first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one.   And a council staff member reckons Tauranga has a bit of a waste problem.... Read More