Resident satisfaction the greatest reward

Visitors to Carmel Country Estate Retirement Village are immediately taken with the welcoming feel and ambience of the award-winning retirement village. Owner Jason Rowling says because the village is privately-owned and operated, residents are provided...... Read More

When support is all you need

Sherryl and Terry Phillips can now enjoy each other’s company in their retirement years, with the freedom of holidaying when they want to and their son Corey realising his dream of independence. But life hasn’t always been like this for...... Read More

Expert from space inspires locals to play a part

How might we ‘grow plenty’ of ideas and entrepreneurs which ‘do good for the world’? By inviting all kinds of people together to generate ideas to solve major challenges, like feeding and watering people sustainably, now and...... Read More

The legacy of ‘generation snowflake’

Some may call me a special little snowflake, an echo boomer or even just a member of the generation that cares. But there’s no denying millennials aren’t just a generation - they’re a mass movement determined to create change on...... Read More

Local students to compete in lit quiz for kids

The world’s biggest literary event for children is coming to the Bay of Plenty, as local super-readers join more than 8000 children worldwide to compete for the title of Kids’ Lit Quiz champion 2018. The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual...... Read More

Co-working in the spirit of cooperation

Heads are down, fingers are tapping on the keyboard, small groups are conversing and the invigorating aroma of coffee wafts in from the front door. Welcome to Tauranga’s co-working space, Basestation. Established in November 2014 by Venture...... Read More

Special breakfast for breast cancer

Welcome Bay’s Bex Tereu is a woman constantly on the go, working at the Parenting Place, writing a blog and business column, and being mum to two children. When she developed breast cancer in 2015, she was forced to slow down and it didn’t...... Read More

Missing Matariki sister

With Matariki approaching, the gap in the line-up of the Matariki carvings on The Strand is being noticed. The carvings represent a Maori interpretation of the star cluster also known as the Pleiades or the seven sisters. The figure missing from the...... Read More

A gown from past generation for future generation

It’s a gown, the Killen gown, an elegant silk gown of 1870s vintage. It was worn by one of the region’s first ladies, Mary Elizabeth Killen, and her image lives on in a special exhibit at Katikati’s Western Bay Museum in the old...... Read More

When Katikati calls

“After 27 years in Tauranga we have decided to move on.” That’s the thrust of a message to The Weekend Sun this week. It’s both a message and an indictment because Ross and his partner Gay say their “nice little retirement...... Read More