Feeling enriched in your fifties

Being unattached in your mature years is daunting for some, but it doesn’t have to be. Research shows the demographic is shifting when it comes to our relationships, with divorce rates continuing to fall overall but on the rise for people over...... Read More

Arborist to battle it out at the NZ short course

Tauranga arborist Mark Goldstone is setting his sights on the UTVbits New Zealand short course champs. After winning the North Island division of the New Zealand off-road racing championship, Mark is looking to take out his class title at the short...... Read More

When Matt thought he was going crazy

“It’s great to be able to help people, especially my lifesavers, who helped me out of the darkest place I have ever been in.” Matt Appleton’s giving back – a 40-year-old living with ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome, who’s...... Read More

Grubby part of town to blossom

“It’s just screaming for development,” was Simon Bridges’ reaction to news of a concept to transform Dive Crescent at the northern end of Tauranga’s downtown waterfront. “A flower waiting to bloom,” he said,...... Read More

True Kiwi babe

It’s a case of three degrees of separation, where often a lot of The Weekend Sun’s stories start. One conversation overheard by a staff member and next minute I knew the mother of someone my flatmate likes to describe as a ‘true...... Read More

A fair slice for workers, or will it stall growth?

The business community warns of the threat to continued growth in the Bay of Plenty posed by proposed changes to industrial relations legislation. But the government says it’s about fairness for workers and restoring parity. “Workers have...... Read More

Healthy eating from garden to table

The smell of burger patties sizzling on the barbecue and fresh muffins straight out of the oven wafted through Gate Pa School last week as children put their healthy eating lessons into action. The school is involved in two national healthy eating...... Read More

The little rot

Just like Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh, Brian has carted around his thread bear for 63 years. They both have a few loose threads and some wear and tear, but they are still chugging along. Thread bear has damage on his breast – he’s...... Read More

Shifting fortunes of Bomber, Spitfire, and Chester

They are a picture of misery. Three kittens with ‘icky eyes’, runny noses and sneezing. They have cat flu. It can be deadly for the littlest babies. “Very sickly,” says Sharna Asplin of Wild Whiskers – a bunch of volunteers...... Read More

Beads wash-up on Mount Main Beach

They’re small tiny bits of plastic that get washed up the beach. They have been washing up on Mount Main Beach since the Rena struck Astrolabe Reef on October 5, 2011 - and they are back again. During the recovery period following the grounding,...... Read More