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Tower battle looms

  A family in Te Puna is pleading with Spark to stop plans for a large cellphone tower outside their house because their daughter is recovering... Read More

Women’s rugby on the rise

  There is often reason to be critical of New Zealand Rugby and how it runs our national game but the organisation deserves plenty of credit for... Read More

Support to deal with the devil

  Tupu Daniel has tried and failed before. Eight times he has tried to break free of the insidious grip of nicotine. Each time the fags have won.   Every... Read More

Mrs Fathers ruffling feathers

  The saga of the Bureta bus shelter that isn’t, but should be, according to one “annoyed” ratepayer, continued to fester this... Read More

Brassed off

  Alex Garrett is celebrating his 70th year as a brass band player and he hasn’t taken a break in that entire time.   “It has... Read More

It’s art from the heart

  Tauranga Society of Artists launched into its five-day Art Expo this week and announced the winner of its Trustpower/TSA Supreme Award.   It... Read More

Out in the cold

  Many landlords will be left out in the cold and facing big fines after leaving it too late to meet new insulation standards.   Insulation... Read More

To scoot or not to scoot

  Auckland’s got Lime. Wellington’s got Flamingo and Jump. New Plymouth has Blip and even Taupo’s got Glide, albeit on trial.   But... Read More