Getting back to basics for a lifelong love of sport

Active Voicewith Debbie GareaSport BOP Fundamentals Advisor Not every child wants to be a sporting star or elite athlete – but every child does have a desire and ability to move. However, the way we encourage and foster this ability will... Read More

Volunteering for the World Squash Championships

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian Sideline Sid had a busy time last week, after putting his hand up to volunteer at the World Junior Squash championships being held in Tauranga until July 29. The biggest and most prestigious... Read More

Global Monthly Temperatures from NASA ... 1996-June 2017

Weather Eyewith John Maunder Global temperatures are compiled for various areas including global (land-ocean), global (meteorological stations), three latitude bands, and hemispheric, by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies of NASA. The graph... Read More

The future of Tauranga City is at stake.

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris   Over the next 12 months, Tauranga City Council will be making some of the most significant decisions it ever has on behalf of you. These decisions will shape the kind of... Read More

Avoiding the seventies: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits   The big news this week is the announcement that the new ‘Doctor Who' is a lady. Being active Time Travellers ourselves, we're excited about the prospect of a female doctor,... Read More

Big or small, your goals count

Active Voicewith Belinda MullerSport BOP GRx Advisor In the last 12 months, more than 3000 Bay of Plenty people have linked to Sport Bay of Plenty's healthy lifestyle programme: Green Prescription. Green Prescription is a six-month starter... Read More

A dramatic afternoon of rugby

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian A real measure of a sporting competition is that it goes down to the wire at the end of the season. The Baywide club rugby premier championship qualifying that concluded last Saturday,... Read More

Tauranga Average Afternoon Temperatures June 1914-2017

Weather Eyewith John Maunder Temperatures have been recorded in the Tauranga area at several sites during the last 100 years, including at the current Tauranga Airport site from June 1990. The graph shows details of the average daily maximum temperatures,... Read More

Let’s talk about your cartilage (Part 2)

John ArtsAbundant Living I have been helping someone with osteoarthritis in a knee, thumbs, back and neck. We started with a double dose of my joint support formula which gave her more than 1500mg of high grade chondroitin and... Read More

Cats, dogs, cows and revolting old people

Brian RogersRogers Rabbits Dogs are revolting. They're fed up with this nonsense about Cat Tax and demand an end to their persecution!Now that the Cat Tax has the entire country scratching each other's eyes out, it's... Read More

Getting the waterworks flowing

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris Tauranga residents are pretty patient when it comes to the growing pains our city is experiencing. We can cope with roadworks and construction noise as the ‘price of progress'... Read More

Baywide rugby premier matches

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian The last throw of the dice will take place in Baywide rugby premier matches this Saturday, in the last round of the championship qualifying round.  A general consensus around the... Read More

Busy second term for Bay school sport

Active Voicewith Buddy MeyerSport BOP Primary School Sport Director Term 2 is probably the busiest on the primary school sport calendars – there is plenty on offer across the Bay of Plenty for our aspiring athletes and also those just wanting... Read More

Cartilage loss (Part 1)

John ArtsAbundant Living Osteoarthritis is all about loss of cartilage, subsequent inflammation and changes to bone and joint structure. The result is pain and loss of mobility. The ends of bones such as the femur are covered... Read More

What have you done to Memorial Park?

Straight from city councilA personal view,by Councillor Steve Morris Have you sold it? Is there an apartment building going up? What's with all those pipes? These are some of the questions we've been getting about the necessary shambles... Read More

Play young and move for life

Active Voicewith Karen StantonSport BOP Active Families Advisor The Ministry of Health (in collaboration with Sport NZ and the Health Promotion Agency) released their new Active Play Guidelines for Under Fives last month. The guidelines form part... Read More

'Lions Rampant' a personal view of the 71 Lions' tour

Sideline SidSports correspondent & historian While a little disappointed with the All Blacks defeat inflicted by the Lions last weekend, it sets up a likely thriller at Eden Park next Saturday night.  In the last few days,... Read More